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Business Security Cameras – How Many Should You Install?

Part of our special ongoing series: Best Security System Solutions for Commercial Businesses

Being in the security industry more 50 years in the St. Louis Metro Area and Central and Southern, Illinois, we get lots of questions from commercial business owners and property managers concerned about commercial camera surveillance systems, CCTV camera systems, security camera installation, and more.

Today though we’re going to answer one of the more popular security questions that commonly plague commercial business owners when making decisions about their professional security camera system installation:

How many security surveillance cameras should be installed in my business?

In this case, one question leads to another, and your answers will ultimately determine the plan of attack for your security camera system installation.

Start by asking yourself these three questions…

What kind of commercial business space do you have?

Low-level corporate office space in an industrial office complex? Multi-storied building(s) such as a corporate business office, short-term storage, mixed used, single-story manufacturing, storefront retail space, multifamily apartment building or buildings?

Each of these types of commercial businesses have their own unique considerations as far as where to place professional video surveillance security cameras. But there are some commonalities. Let’s explore a few of those here.

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How many main entryways does your building have?

Main entrance, sure, but what about loading docks or roof access?

What about areas inside your business where surveillance cameras would prove most beneficial?

Two scenarios to consider here: 1) Where does your business get the most foot traffic. 2) What areas contain your most valuable resources, aside from your employees, that is?

Consider hot spots like storage rooms; hallways leading to executive or HR offices where sensitive documents such as employee private information is stored; points of sale, if you are retail; stairwells; lobby and other common areas; warehouse inventory space; “blind spots;” drug storage areas, if you are a health provider of some kind; reception areas, etc.

Related to this, another common question we get: Is it legal to have security cameras in my business or workplace?

Put another way: Do security cameras violate privacy, even in the workplace?

As far as placement of security cameras in the workplace is concerned, it is legal, but only certain areas of your business, e.g., common areas. All states have laws in place that govern where you can and where you cannot place video surveillance security cameras in your workplace. Before installing professional security cameras in your business it is best to check with your state labor agency for more details.

The bottom line is, by prioritizing where your security matters the most, will help answer the question of where to place video surveillance security cameras at your business. It’s mostly common sense, but before you proceed it will be in your best interest to call a professional St. Louis security camera installation company to evaluate your building and property to determine the exact camera placement and what type of security cameras to install. We’ll discuss different types of video surveillance security cameras in a future blog. This is also a perfect opportunity to assess your business’s access control system. Learn more about access control systems.

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