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St. Louis Crime Map – Safest & Worst Neighborhoods?

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The city of St. Louis is known for many positive things. Modest cost of living. Groundbreaking life-science research universities. Scores of family-owned Italian restaurants. Historic and unique residential neighborhoods and business districts. The Cardinals. And of course, the “Father of Rock ‘n’ Roll,” Chuck Berry, who walked the streets of The Ville neighborhood in North St. Louis City long before he “duckwalked” onto the American Bandstand stage.

That’s the good news. Through the years though St. Louis has also earned a reputation as a violent and dangerous place to live or visit and frequently makes national headlines as one of the most dangerous, violent or least safe cities in the U.S. Not exactly a chamber of commerce bumper sticker slogan.

Labeling a city the most dangerous or least safe involves a lot of number crunching, including a city’s crime rate, unemployment rate and often its economic instability, a contributing factor to lost opportunities and often a catalyst for criminal activity. Some studies also include automobile traffic safety and even deaths caused by natural disaster.

But it’s typically St. Louis City’s homicide rate generating news headlines. There’s no denying that certain areas of St. Louis City can be pretty rough (read more about this below) and its homicide rate is higher than the national average, but is there an underlying reason for this that goes beyond the violence?

Are St. Louis Crime Rate Statistics Misleading?

An argument can  be made for this since general crime rates, including homicide rates, are calculated on a per capita basis: typically, a percentage of murders per 100,000 residents. A seemingly cut and dry math equation. But in the case of St. Louis City, which most people mistakenly assume means the entire St. Louis Metro area, including most online real estate and travel blog writers who don’t live in St. Louis and have never visited, determining its level of safety compared to other cities based solely on its crime rate or homicide rate can be very misleading.

For those unfamiliar with The Lou, the City of St. Louis and the surrounding St. Louis County area, including its 91 individual municipalities, are separate entities, separate governments, and both keep separate crime statistics. They split in the 1880’s at the behest of St. Louis City, not the County.

Strictly speaking, St. Louis City is comprised of the downtown district and 79 adjacent city neighborhoods, with a population of 293,310 in all. The surrounding St. Louis County area has a population of 997,000. Combining the two areas/governments would total a population of 1,290,310 for the whole St. Louis Metro area.

What’s in a number?

According to the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department’s annual crime report for 2022, St. Louis City proper had 200 homicides. Measured against its relatively small population of 293,310, that would mean a murder rate of 68.18. St. Louis County, on the other hand, recorded 92 murders in 2022 giving it a murder rate of 9.22.

If the population of the City and the County were combined, St. Louis’ metro area would then have a murder rate of 22.63. More than 40 points lower than the city’s alone.

Is this fair? Considering the largest majority of murders take place in relatively concentrated areas of St. Louis City proper, it does beg the question.

st louis city neighborhood annual crimes report murders assaults car thefts 2019 2022

Safest & Least Safe Areas of St. Louis City

If you’re one of the many curious people Googling “how safe is St. Louis,” or “best St. Louis neighborhoods for families,” “safest neighborhoods in St. Louis,” “safest areas to live in St. Louis,” “St. Louis crime rate,” “St. Louis murder rate 2022” or “worst street in St. Louis.” because you’re thinking of moving here or seeking out the best or “safest” neighborhoods to buy a home for you family or rent an apartment in, maybe start a business or find a store to shop or new restaurant to taste-test, you’ll want to base your findings on many factors, including the volume of crime in any given neighborhood.

St Louis City Neighborhoods Safest and Least Safest Areas
Red Star High-Crime Neighborhoods. Green Star Low-Crime Neighborhoods.

Generally speaking, the highest volume of homicides, assaults and other violent crimes, property crimes, including stolen vehicles, are concentrated in the downtown area, North St. Louis City (the “near North side” as it’s referred to locally), and specific areas of South St. Louis. Many St. Louis City neighborhoods are extremely safe to live and work in, while others are more like a war zone and known to be dangerous both day and night.

Some people ask, “what is the worst street in St. Louis,” which is impossible to answer but a reasonable question since “safe” or “unsafe” in the City of St. Louis can sometimes depend on which street you’re on, not just the neighborhood you’re in.

St. Louis Annual Crime Statistics Report: 2022

In the interest of clarity and to help people determine for themselves which St. Louis neighborhood or area of the city is “safe” or “unsafe,” below are the actual number of crimes by category committed in the City of St. Louis (not crime rates) in 2022. The STLMPD tracks 64 crime categories in all, below are 11 of the most topical.

These numbers come straight from the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and the FBI, not from a real estate website, travel blog or news story.

So, going by the neighborhood-by-neighborhood crime statistics below, you can be the judge to determine which St. Louis neighborhood or area of the city is right for you to put down roots, shop, eat, play, start a business or go to school.

So without further ado…

Top Ten Most Dangerous St. Louis Neighborhoods

Older Business Buildings Washington Avenue Downtown St Louis Missouri Wireless Security Cameras

*Total Crimes is accumulation of ALL 52 crime categories tracked in each neighborhood by the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department.

*From highest crime count to lowest.

Population: 5,442

  • Murder/Nonnegligent Manslaughter  5
  • Assaults  393
  • Sexual Assaults 10
  • Motor Vehicle Theft  369 
  • Theft FROM Vehicle  718
  • Motor Vehicle Theft Parts/Accessories  114
  • Burglaries/Breaking & Entering   65
  • Property Vandalism 1,058 
  • Weapons Violation 178
  • Robbery 48
  • Drugs/Narcotics  54

Total Person Crimes: 469
Total Property Crimes: 2,727
Total Society Crimes: 734
Total Unspecified Crimes: 504

Population: 5,115

  • Murder/Nonnegligent Manslaughter  4
  • Assaults  315
  • Sexual Assaults  21
  • Motor Vehicle Theft  308
  • Theft FROM Vehicle  530
  • Motor Vehicle Theft Parts/Accessories  74
  • Burglaries / Breaking & Entering  70
  • Property Vandalism  815 
  • Weapons Violation  113 
  • Robbery  37
  • Drugs/Narcotics  56

Total Person Crimes: 404
Total Property Crimes: 2,130
Total Society Crimes: 376
Unspecified Crimes: 328

Population: 15,356

  • Murder/Nonnegligent Manslaughter 10
  • Assaults 383
  • Sexual Assaults 11
  • Motor Vehicle Theft 410
  • Theft From Vehicle 130
  • Motor Vehicle Theft Parts/Accessories 117     
  • Burglaries/Breaking & Entering 117
  • Property Vandalism 374
  • Weapons Violation 146
  • Robbery 48
  • Drugs/Narcotics 134

Total Person Crimes: 421
Total Property Crimes: 1,404
Total Society Crimes: 427
Unspecified Crimes: 386

Population: 16,670

  • Murder/Nonnegligent Manslaughter 10
  • Assaults 348
  • Sexual Assault 8
  • Motor Vehicle Theft 430
  • Theft From Vehicle 394
  • Motor Vehicle Theft Parts/Accessories 159
  • Burglaries/Breaking & Entering 117
  • Property Vandalism 609
  • Weapons Violation 46
  • Robbery 32
  • Drugs/Narcotics 24

Total Person Crimes: 302
Total Property Crimes: 2,089
Total Society Crimes: 174
Unspecified Crimes: 250

Population: 12,719

  • Murder/Nonnegligent Manslaughter 4
  • Assaults 128
  • Sexual Assaults 2
  • Motor Vehicle Theft 257
  • Theft From Vehicle 100
  • Motor Vehicle Theft Parts/Accessories 140
  • Burglaries / Breaking & Entering 144
  • Property Vandalism 269
  • Weapons Violation 34
  • Robbery 17
  • Drugs/Narcotics 12

Total Person Crimes: 154
Total Property Crimes: 1,119
Total Society Crimes: 105
Unspecified Crimes: 215

Population: 11,941

  • Murder/Nonnegligent Manslaughter 4
  • Assaults 123
  • Sexual Assaults 1
  • Motor Vehicle Theft 222
  • Theft From Vehicle 75
  • Motor Vehicle Theft Parts/Accessories 114
  • Burglaries/Breaking & Entering 68
  • Property Vandalism 183
  • Weapons Violation 43
  • Robbery 17
  • Drugs/Narcotics 51

Total Person Crimes: 140
Total Property Crimes: 840
Total Society Crimes: 179
Unspecified Crimes: 233

Population: 4,209

  • Murder/Nonnegligent Manslaughter 6
  • Assaults 246
  • Sexual Assaults 7
  • Motor Vehicle Theft 115
  • Theft FROM Vehicle 46
  • Motor Vehicle Theft Parts/Accessories 21
  • Burglaries / Breaking & Entering 65
  • Property Vandalism 165
  • Weapons Violation 93
  • Robbery`29
  • Drugs/Narcotics 44

Total Person Crimes: 275
Total Property Crimes: 554
Total Society Crimes: 169
Unspecified Crimes: 223

Population: 5,465

  • Murder/Nonnegligent Manslaughter  10
  • Assaults  185
  • Sexual Assaults 4
  • Motor Vehicle Theft  123
  • Theft From Vehicle  42
  • Motor Vehicle Theft Parts/Accessories 28
  • Burglaries/Breaking & Entering   59
  • Property Vandalism  162
  • Weapons Violation  80
  • Robbery  31
  • Drugs/Narcotics  31

Total Person Crimes: 213
Total Property Crimes: 542
Total Society Crimes: 158
Unspecified Crimes: 323


Population: 4,473

  • Murder/Nonnegligent Manslaughter 11
  • Assaults 173
  • Sexual Assaults 9
  • Motor Vehicle Theft 97
  • Theft FROM Vehicle 23
  • Motor Vehicle Theft Parts/Accessories  20
  • Burglaries/Breaking & Entering 44
  • Property Vandalism 118
  • Weapons Violation 158
  • Robbery 21
  • Drugs/Narcotics 60

Total Person Crimes: 214
Total Property Crimes: 435
Total Society Crimes: 272
Unspecified Crimes: 236

Population: 4,545

  • Murder/Nonnegligent Manslaughter  7
  • Assaults: 150
  • Sexual Assaults 3
  • Motor Vehicle Theft  148
  • Theft FROM Vehicle  35
  • Motor Vehicle Theft Parts/Accessories   23
  • Burglaries/Breaking & Entering   54
  • Property Vandalism  124
  • Weapons Violation  97
  • Robbery` 18
  • Drugs/Narcotics  31

Total Person Crimes: 176
Total Property Crimes: 518
Total Society Crimes: 160
Unspecified Crimes: 217

Top Ten Safest St. Louis Neighborhoods

row of nice brick homes lindenwood park missouri

*From lowest crime count to highest.

Population: 2,348

  • Murder/Nonnegligent Manslaughter 0
  • Assaults 11
  • Sexual Assaults 0
  • Motor Vehicle Theft 47
  • Theft FROM Vehicle 33
  • Motor Vehicle Theft Parts/Accessories 25
  • Burglaries/Breaking & Entering 21
  • Property Vandalism 53
  • Weapons Violation 2
  • Robbery 1
  • Drugs/Narcotics 2

Total Person Crimes: 11
Total Property Crimes: 201
Total Society Crimes: 15
Unspecified Crimes: 24

Population:  2,151

  • Murder/Nonnegligent Manslaughter 0
  • Assaults: Aggravated, Simple, w/ Firearm 9
  • Sexual Assaults 0
  • Motor Vehicle Theft 65
  • Theft FROM Vehicle 39
  • Motor Vehicle Theft Parts/Accessories 22
  • Burglaries/Breaking & Entering 5
  • Property Vandalism 43
  • Weapons Violation 3
  • Robbery 1
  • Drugs/Narcotics 2

Total Person Crimes: 10
Total Property Crimes: 192
Total Society Crimes: 9
Unspecified Crimes: 48

Population: 2,836

  • Murder/Nonnegligent Manslaughter 0
  • Assaults 12
  • Sexual Assaults 0
  • Motor Vehicle Theft 55
  • Theft FROM Vehicle 47
  • Motor Vehicle Theft Parts/Accessories 32
  • Burglaries/Breaking & Entering 8
  • Property Vandalism 62
  • Weapons Violation 3
  • Robbery 1
  • Drugs/Narcotics 3

Total Person Crimes: 14
Total Property Crimes: 232
Total Society Crimes: 17
Unspecified Crimes: 46

Population: 3,647

  • Murder/Nonnegligent Manslaughter  0
  • Assaults 28
  • Sexual Assaults  3
  • Motor Vehicle Theft  59
  • Theft FROM Vehicle  22
  • Motor Vehicle Theft Parts/Accessories  32
  • Burglaries/Breaking & Entering   28
  • Property Vandalism  57
  • Weapons Violation  7
  • Robbery  3
  • Drugs/Narcotics  9

Total Person Crimes: 37
Total Property Crimes: 239
Total Society Crimes: 37
Unspecified Crimes: 41

Population: 6,647

  • Murder/Nonnegligent Manslaughter 0
  • Assaults 19
  • Sexual Assaults 2
  • Motor Vehicle Theft 131
  • Theft FROM Vehicle 44
  • Motor Vehicle Theft Parts/Accessories 49
  • Burglaries/Breaking & Entering 28
  • Property Vandalism 67
  • Weapons Violation 6
  • Robbery 9
  • Drugs/Narcotics 5

Total Person Crimes: 26
Total Property Crimes: 425
Total Society Crimes: 26
Unspecified Crimes: 70

Population: 7,516

  • Murder/Nonnegligent Manslaughter 0
  • Assaults 13
  • Sexual Assaults 0
  • Motor Vehicle Theft 96
  • Theft FROM Vehicle 62
  • Motor Vehicle Theft Parts/Accessories 69
  • Burglaries/Breaking & Entering 29
  • Weapons Violation 8
  • Robbery 6
  • Drugs/Narcotics 4

Total Person Crimes: 25
Total Property Crimes: 442
Total Society Crimes: 20
Unspecified Crimes: 73

Population: 5,245

  • Murder/Nonnegligent Manslaughter 1
  • Assaults: Aggravated, Simple, w/ Firearm 31
  • Sexual Assaults 3
  • Motor Vehicle Theft 103
  • Theft FROM Vehicle 43
  • Motor Vehicle Theft Parts/Accessories 67
  • Burglaries / Breaking & Entering 22
  • Property Vandalism 114
  • Weapons Violation 12
  • Robbery 6
  • Drugs/Narcotics 7

Total Person Crimes: 43
Total Property Crimes: 433
Total Society Crimes: 34
Unspecified Crimes: 90

Population: 7,346

  • Murder/Nonnegligent Manslaughter 0
  • Assaults 28
  • Sexual Assaults 0
  • Motor Vehicle Theft 103
  • Theft FROM Vehicle 41
  • Motor Vehicle Theft Parts/Accessories 91
  • Burglaries/Breaking & Entering 28
  • Property Vandalism 78
  • Weapons Violation 8
  • Robbery 6
  • Drugs/Narcotics 14

Total Person Crimes: 33
Total Property Crimes: 444
Total Society Crimes: 61
Unspecified Crimes: 68

Population: 7,489

  • • Murder/Nonnegligent Manslaughter 0
    • Assaults: Aggravated, Simple, w/ Firearm 51
    • Sexual Assault 4
    • Motor Vehicle Theft 117
    • Theft FROM Vehicle 49
    • Motor Vehicle Theft Parts/Accessories 57
    • Burglaries/Breaking & Entering 51
    • Property Vandalism 108
    • Weapons Violation 11
    • Robbery 7
    • Drugs/Narcotics 7

Total Person Crimes: 58
Total Property Crimes: 459
Total Society Crimes: 49
Unspecified Crimes: 73

Population: 9,387

  • Murder/Nonnegligent Manslaughter 0
  • Assaults 38
  • Sexual Assaults 5
  • Motor Vehicle Theft 102
  • Theft FROM Vehicle 70
  • Motor Vehicle Theft Parts/Accessories 75
  • Burglaries/Breaking & Entering 41
  • Property Vandalism 111
  • Weapons Violation 4
  • Robbery 1
  • Drugs/Narcotics 4

Total Person Crimes: 52
Total Property Crimes: 498
Total Society Crimes: 30
Unspecified Crimes: 72

St. Louis Neighborhood Crime Map Tells the Story

You’ll find a link below to the NIBRS (National Incident-Based Reporting System) website, which tracks individual reported crimes, neighborhood by neighborhood in all major metropolitan U.S. cities, including St. Louis City. Their comprehensive crime report details every violent and nonviolent crime imaginable: armed robberies, vehicle thefts, drug busts, sexual assaults, peeping toms, prostitution, burglaries and many more. They even offer a downloadable PDF comparing 2022 St. Louis Crime stats with 2021, month by month, for each St. Louis neighborhood.

The St. Louis neighborhood crime map (below) pinpoints the location and volume of crimes reported in St. Louis City in October, 2022. Once glance at the dense cluster of dots, each representing a reported crime, it’s no surprise the first ten minutes of each St. Louis TV news broadcast is filled with shootings, car break-ins, assaults, business lootings and robberies. Borrowed video footage from area surveillance security cameras installed at St. Louis businesses and city street corners visually tell the story with images of thieves throwing trashcans and bricks through storefront windows and crashing stolen cars through the front doors. One video showed as many at eight young men stepping through a smashed storefront glass door in single file before they ransacked the store’s merchandise.

The frightening realization though is that this crime map represents only the actual crimes reported to the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department during this time. Dozens more go unreported, including sexual assaults against women. The fact is, at least 90% of crimes never make the news.

St. Louis was once recognized across the country for our Gateway Arch, Budweiser Brewery and the Cardinals, and stifling summer heat, but over the last several years we have earned a reputation as a dangerous place to live, often ranking in the top five cites for homicides.

The St. Louis City crime map below is hosted and managed by CITYPROTECT, their link can be found on the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department’s website. Its accuracy and detail, when viewed at full scale, even identifies individual streets and the hundred block of a crime’s occurrence.

Here is a link to the NIBRS (National Incident-Based Reporting System) neighborhood crime report mentioned above. These crime statistics are compiled from crime official crimes cases reported by the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, and are approved by the FBI.

Breakdown of Reported St. Louis City Crimes

St Louis City Neighborhood Crime Map 2022

Red dots pinpoint incidents of serious violent crimes: physical assaults, homicides, kidnappings, sexual assaults and robberies. Black dots (dark blue here) are categorized as minor infractions: disorderly disturbances, drug and liquor related incidents. These are considered “quality of life” incidents. Not sure what that really means. While the yellowish dots are crimes typically against residential and business properties: breaking and entering, acts of vandalism, vehicle thefts and break-ins (smash-and-dash incidents).

In previous blogs, we’ve covered several of these smash-and-dash vehicle crime stories, such as the gang-organized car break-ins at the Amazon shipping center in St. Peters, MO., and when St. Louis Blues fans, upon exiting the Enterprise Center after a rollicking Blues victory, were greeted by scattered broken glass strewn across nearby public parking lots where their car and truck windows had been smashed out and valuables stolen, cash, electronics and handguns. Fortunately, some of these incidents have been caught on security  surveillance video for visual evidence, while others have not because many commercial businesses do not have security cameras installed. Unfortunate, but true.

St. Louis City’s Resurgence

Although it’s been decades since St. Louis City was a truly bustling metropolitan center, with its population peaking just above 800,000 in the 1950s, but steadily declining since, approximately 300,000 in 2021, there has been a mindset shift over the last couple of decades or so. Beginning in the 1990s, forward-thinking property developers and builders began transforming abandoned brick factory buildings and long-vacated hotels along Washington Ave., Locust Street and Tucker Blvd., into upscale multi-family condos, apartments and luxury lofts.

Adventurous hipsters, young couples and even empty-nesters couldn’t resist and back into the city they moved, walking short distances to restaurants just down the block, and stores and entertainment venues. Began the era of regentrification. Which in St. Louis’ case, was a good thing.

Build it and They Will Come

Success breed success. Soon more risk-taking restaurateurs were willing to gamble their fortunes to establish trendy eateries while retail entrepreneurs hung Open signs on funky little shops and grocery markets. The positive vibe was so contagious even a movie theater and bowling alley sprang up on Washington Avenue.

St. Louis was coming back into its own, recasting itself in a positive image. People and money began flowing back into the city.

The Damaging Effects of Escalating Crime in St. Louis City

But, as more and more people took up downtown residence and suburban expatriates discovered a new found freedom strolling late-night city streets “clubbing” the new nightspots and exploring untapped niches of the city, like lions on the hunt, area criminals sniffed out the weak and vulnerable and moved in for the kill.

The escalating violence, including shootings right outside of the city police department, has had a negative effect on the city’s multi-family housing movement as well, with some newbie city dwellers fleeing back to the suburbs. (See this Fox 2 Now news report about recent car break-ins in downtown St. Louis and an interview with a resident who is questioning whether or not to stay downtown.) No surprise, a person can only take so many sleepless nights punctuated with screeching car alarms, rowdy party crowds, high-speed drag racing on the streets, shootings on the sidewalks of Washington Avenue, and increasing murders and sexual assaults.

Business owners and multi-family property managers are scrambling for solutions to protect their investments, customers, tenets and employees. The St. Louis Police Department has dramatically increased its use of video surveillance security cameras throughout all parts of the city, and some business owners are following suit.

County Suburbs Not Immune to Rising Crime

Don’t get the impression crime is the exclusive ownership of the City of St. Louis. Recent published police reports by South and West County municipal police departments show that the suburbs are no longer as isolated from crime as they once were.

Street Crime Scene With Police Line Do Not Cross Yellow Warning Tape

Police reports involving individual and organized gang-style vehicle break-ins in the parking lots of popular county gathering places like neighborhood bowling alleys, restaurants, shopping centers and of course residential neighborhoods, are on a dramatic uptick.

It seems no individual or neighborhood is immune these days.

If Your Business is Not Fully Secured, You Are Vulnerable

Not every business can afford to hire a security guard, and security guards can only be in one place at one time, and they do take potty breaks and call in sick. Not to mention a security guard’s eyewitness account of a crime, or anyone’s eyewitness account for that matter, carries less weight and validity in the court of law than actual video surveillance footage captured by a security camera.

The best defense is a good offense, and in this case, that means installing a security camera video surveillance system at your business, preferably integrated with LIVE video monitoring so police can be dispatched in real time and catch the thieves instead of just looking at day-old video footage.

This is a good time to install, or update, your business access control system (also called a keyless entry door or card reader security system) at all key entry points at your commercial business building, the same for multi-family apartment complexes, including St. Louis City lofts and condos.

Taking these security measures is not paranoia, it’s smart and should not be implemented only in the immediate St. Louis downtown area but in the Central West End, Old North St. Louis, Bevo, Benton Park, Tower Grove, St. Louis Hills, Compton Heights, The Grove neighborhood, Hyde Park, Soulard, and other popular neighborhoods where business owners are vulnerable.

Businesses and residential homes and apartments in the county also need to take the same crime prevention measures. When hiring a security company, be sure you hire a professional and reputable local security company to evaluate your needs and install a quality security system, one they can maintain and make software and camera updates as technologies advance.

National security companies don’t have their finger on the pulse of our city and are not familiar with the different characteristics of our eclectic neighborhoods. Hire a local security company that is familiar with St. Louis and surrounding Illinois communities: Belleville, Alton, Collinsville, Bethalto, Fairview Heights, O’Fallon, Granite City, Swansea, and others.

As grandma was fond of saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

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