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Alarm Monitoring

24/7 Video & Alarm Security Monitoring Services for Your Business & Home

LIVE Video Monitoring – Police Dispatch, CCTV Video Surveillance Monitoring, Mobile Solar Security Camera Trailer Monitoring, Fire & Burglar Alarm Monitoring.

5 Diamond Certified – UL Listed Alarm Monitoring Central Station

PASS Security Central Station Alarm Monitoring for Your Business & Home

24/7 Security Camera & Burglar Alarm Monitoring Services

Our 5 Diamond-rated central alarm monitoring station in St. Louis County is staffed by specially trained and certified security operators with one common purpose – protect your business and your home.

Avigilon Security Cameras Mounted on Outdoor Pole
Security Cameras Monitored on Cell Phone and Tablet
Burglar Breaking into Home Not Equipped with a Security System from PASS Security

We’ve Got You Covered. Simple as 

 LIVE Outdoor Perimeter Security Camera Monitoring

Protect Your Business 24/7 with Police Response Fence Intrusion Detection System

Thieves are bolder than ever. Fences, gates and locks are not enough. Security guards break the budget. Now more than ever, it’s critical to protect your commercial property and inventory when you’re not there with perimeter fence sensors and real-time security camera monitoring.

Our Central Station Security Monitoring Agents can View Your Property LIVE & Dispatch Police Upon Confirmation of Criminal Activity. The Best Intrusion Detection Security Camera System for Businesses.

School Buses Behind Chain Link Fence Protected by Security Cameras 24 hours

The Perfect Perimeter Security Surveillance System for  Outdoor Commercial Property with Fence Lines or Natural Barriers 

  • Equipment Rental Centers

  • Raw Materials Storage Yards

  • Commercial Fleet Truck Parking

  • Semi-Truck Parking

  • Salvage Yards

  • Auto Dealerships

  • Manufacturing Facilities

A fraction of the cost of security guards, total coverage all the time, no matter property size. Our LIVE security camera monitoring system never sleeps, is never late & never sick. No threat of personal injury liability legal actions & can help lower insurance premiums.

Why is LIVE Security Camera Monitoring Right for Your Business?

LIVE REMOTE Outdoor Security Camera Monitoring

Go Anywhere, Anytime with PASS Security’s Solar-Powered Mobile Security Camera Trailers

PASS Security Solar Remote Security Camera Trailer in Shopping Center Parking Lot

LIVE Wireless Mobile Video Surveillance Monitoring

Deploy virtually anywhere in less than 20 minutes. Our solar-powered security camera trailer is perfect for long-term, off-the-grid surveillance and last-minute “pop-up” locations. No power required. Silent solar operation day and night with battery backup.  Wireless network connection. Self-monitor on your phone or PC, or third-party monitor.

Ideal Industries & Locations

  • Law Enforcement

  • Government

  • Transportation Terminals

  • Large Parking Lots

  • Large Construction Sites

  • Critical Infrastructure

  • Retail / Shopping Centers

  • Property Management

Great Visual Deterrent for Law Enforcement Crime Hotspots 


Get Mobile Security Camera Trailer Details

Monitor Suspicious Activity at a Safe Distance & Save Lives

Assess & Defuse Life-Threatening Situations Remotely.

Loud Speakers Blast Recorded Warning Message or Send a LIVE Message by Speaking into Your Phone

Tell Criminals Loud & Clear They Have Been Identified & Security is on the Way!

Customizable AI Analytics – Special Features & Services

  • Free phone APP & training

  • 100% guaranteed full technical support

  • Loud speakers – live talk or recorded message

  • Flood & strobe lights

  • Intrusion detection analytics

  • Line crossing

  • Human & vehicle detection

  • Dual bounding boxes

  • Night vision thermal imaging & IR illumination

  • Live video streaming

  • Record & playback

  • Quick footage search & share

  • Remote device management

  • Backup battery

Trailer Deployment & Camera Setup – NO ADDITIONAL COST

View Surveillance Security Cameras LIVE on Your Phone

Receive SMS and email alerts. Make camera adjustments remotely.

Self-monitor remotely from anywhere in the country on your phone, PC or tablet. Or, 3rd-party monitoring through our UL-listed security monitoring central station.

Surveillance Security Camera Monitoring on Cell Phone and PC

Protect Your Business & Home. Get a FREE Security Assessment. Call 618-394-1144 or 314-241-0422

Indoor / Outdoor Video Verified Burglar Alarm Monitoring

Did you know some municipal PDs may not respond to emergency calls without video verification?

How Video Verification Security Works

Burglar Triggering Alarm at Illinois Business

When the motion and body heat sensors installed inside and outside your home or business by certified PASS Security technicians are triggered, a small built-in camera takes a short video clip and transmits it to security agents at our Security Monitoring Central Station.

Pass Security Agent Watching Surveillance Cameras on Monitor Screens

The video clip is examined for suspicious, dangerous or criminal activity. If so, the police can be notified immediately. Our agents do not have a live view of your business or home, they can only see the short video clip. Video verifications typically result in faster police response times.

Standard Burglar & Environmental Alarm Monitoring

The Perfect Solution When Budget is a Concern

If a thief jimmies a door, breaks or opens a window, the seal on the “contact” installed by a PASS Security technician is broken and the burglar alarm is tripped. An alert is sent to our UL listed security monitoring central station where one of our security agents verifies the alarm and notifies the police or other personnel. The difference between our Standard Alarm service and our Video Verification Alarm service (above) is that our security agents are not able to visually verify suspicious activity because there are no camera sensors to record a short video clip. For this reason, there are occasional false alarms. To mitigate false alarms, Video Verification is the better choice.

More Than Just a Burglar Alarm System

Business and home alarm system installations performed by PASS security help protect you and your property in a variety of ways, and not only from intruders and thieves. PASS Security alarm monitoring systems can also include thermostat temperature control to protect against food spoilage, alarms for flooding water, fire protection and carbon monoxide.

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We understand that each industry and business is unique. This is why we take the time to meet with our customers face to face, discuss their security concerns and conduct a site evaluation. Security technology is constantly evolving and improving, so communicating to you the benefits and options of different security components is critical. We are more than your business security provider, we are your security partner.

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