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School Security is a Team Effort

Partnering with Campus Security, IT Experts and School Personnel

Creating a school security program, or simply addressing one or two isolated security issues, is an all-hands-on-deck, holistic process involving school administrators, teachers, students, school security officers or safety directors, parents, local law enforcement, a knowledgeable security company, and in many cases, community leaders and elected officials.

Everyone is welcomed to the table, but it’s critical for each stakeholder and decision maker to bring ideas and potential solutions for discussion and consideration. Not all parties will see eye to eye so it is critical in order for the process to achieve positive results to avoid alienating others with emotionally-charged criticisms or making unrealistic demands or ultimatums.

It is extremely helpful to generate on paper a list of agreed upon logistical areas of your school that can, and do, pose a security threat,

These can include both isolated and high-trafficked areas of possible threat.

  • Specific building entry points
  • Athletic fields
  • Gymnasiums
  • Parking lots (more acts of gun violence occur in parking lots than any other area on school grounds)
  • Main campus entries
  • Bus loading zones
  • Cafeterias
  • Classrooms
  • Hallways
  • Bathrooms

Designing a School Security System

School security systems should be designed to achieve maximum threat protection while not impeding your schools daily operations or intimidating students and staff. This is tricky sometimes, but manageable if you are working with an experienced school security company. Especially a local school security company who is familiar with the history of school violence in your area, and at your school. Any local security company worth it’s weight in gold should be up to speed regarding these matters.

Whether it is an electronic visitor management platform, video surveillance security cameras, access control systems or a concealed weapons screening detection system, your security provider needs to be sensitive to the protocols of working on school campuses and teaming with school personnel.

With the growing urgency to upgrade and maximize security systems at college and university campuses, elementary and secondary schools, it is critical for educational institutions to partner with school security companies experienced in creating custom school security systems that match their needs and budgets. Choosing the first security company that appears on a Google search is not the best approach.

Be sure to vet security company candidates thoroughly. It’s very difficult, if not impossible, to determine which security company is the “Best” in the St. Louis area to tackle your security needs, but don’t let that deter you from asking LOTS of questions before you shake hands.

What is their level of expertise? What area schools do they currently provide security services to? What is the depth of their knowledge regarding designing and installing video camera surveillance and access control security systems on school campuses, higher level and K-12? How long have they been designing and installing these security systems? What is the scope of their services and products?

Manageable School Security Starts with a Plan

security camera in school classroomMore than ever, formulating a comprehensive and scalable school security plan to guard against the mildest acts of school vandalism to the most egregious acts of school violence, is a critical priority for every school in the country, not just for St. Louis area schools. Even if you already have a certain level of security components in place, careful thought and planning is imperative when determining the appropriate software, security cameras and access control devices, to diagraming a campus-wide security schematic to achieve your goals and maintain the continued safety of your students, teachers, staff and parents.

Over the past 50 years, PASS Security has earned a reputation as a leading security provider to St. Louis Metro Area K-12 schools, colleges and universities. And our job goes beyond routine installations, our team is comprised of technical advisors and engineering designers with decades of in-the-field experience to draw from when determining the best solutions for your security needs. Much as it may seem, not all schools are the same and security needs can vary widely.

Contact us today to schedule a FREE security consultation for a review of your current system. Call us to speak with a school security expert: 314-241-0422 or 618-394-1144.

Founded in 1969, PASS Security is headquartered in St. Louis, MO. and Fairview Heights, IL. We are a full-service electronic security systems integrator providing expertise in intrusion detection, video surveillanceaccess control systemsLIVE video monitoring for businesses, large commercial and enterprise operations. PASS also serves the residential sector with innovative SMART home automation products and services. We provide our customers with system design, engineering, installation, maintenance and monitoring services through our 24/7 local UL Listed Central Monitoring Station.

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