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PASS Security serves a multitude of industries and businesses in the St. Louis Metro Area and Illinois, each presenting its own unique set of security challenges. From mom-and-pop businesses to multi- building corporate campuses, along with city municipalities and police departments, to sprawling major universities.

construction site wireless remote surveillance security camera trailer

Construction Jobsites

Remote security camera surveillance for construction job sites has become increasingly more and more in demand due to rising crime in the St. Louis Metro Area and Illinois. Remote security surveillance is a specialty all its own and requires the right equipment and a knowledgeable team to evaluate the job site and deploy security cameras effectively. We offer purchase or lease options for wireless remote security cameras and our popular solar-powered mobile security trailer. Both with a Live monitoring option.

St Louis Bi-State Bus Leaving Shrewsbury Station a High Crime Area of St. Louis County

Critical Infrastructure

PASS Security works with many of our area’s largest enterprise operations most vulnerable to debilitating security breaches such as workplace violence, unruly demonstrations, property theft and even random acts of foreign and domestic terrorism. Protecting these critical enterprises ensures uninterrupted public service, oftentimes, in matters of life and death.

Teenage Students Walking on College Campus in st louis missouri protected by surveillance security cameras

Schools – K-12, Colleges & Universities

We work with small, individual schools and many of the largest school districts and universities in the St. Louis area and Illinois, engineering, installing and maintaining advanced integrated school security systems that are scalable and unobtrusive. We conduct onsite security evaluations, based on each school’s unique needs and our 53 years of school safety expertise, we then recommend a variety of solutions, including access control emergency lockdown systems, CCTV security cameras, blue light emergency phones, concealed handguns weapons detection, and more.

hospital doctor holding patients hand

Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities face their own unique challenges. Statics show that acts of violence and theft at U.S hospitals are increasing at an alarming rate. Documented reports cite regular incidences of medical staff being physically and violently attacked, even shot or stabbed by irate patients or visitors with handguns and knives that were all too easy to conceal. Controlled substance theft also continues to be a life-threatening issue on multiple levels.

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towboat and dry cargo barge with security cameras on mississippi river by st louis missouri

Marine Transportation

Each individual in our country relies on the safe and timely transportation of life-sustaining agricultural commodities such as corn, wheat, soybean, grain, as well as wood products, coal, oil, metals, sand, gravel and construction materials. It is our job to help protect the thousands of towboats and barges transporting these goods along our nation’s rivers with sophisticated security camera systems that save marine transportation companies time and labor but are also rugged enough to withstand the punishing extreme weather conditions experienced along the rivers.

multifamily housing st louis missouri protected by a pass security system installation

Multi-Family Housing

The St. Louis area and surrounding Illinois communities are experiencing a multifamily housing boom never seen before. Developers and builders are competing to transform old downtown factory buildings into Class A condos and apartment units with all the amenities, and pouring new concrete foundations in preparation for luxury multifamily complexes in Shiloh, Fairview Heights, Chesterfield, Clayton, and all points in between. Each of these new residences requires the latest technology in access control keyless entry systems, security camera surveillance and intrusion alarms.

downtown st louis missouri and gateway arch is a high crime area in the city

Municipalities & Police Departments

From solar-powered mobile security camera trailers to more complex citywide, security camera surveillance systems, we are busy working with many of our area’s municipalities and police departments to ensure they are getting the most advanced security technology enabling them to protect and serve the people of their communities. Our access control systems and surveillance security cameras are equipped with advanced AI analytics that transforms them into intelligent data-gathering information systems with the ability to perform facial recognition, search appearance, license plate recognition, concealed weapons detection and more.

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