Maritime Security

Real-Time, Video Security Surveillance for the Maritime Industry

PASS Maritime SMART security cameras and software systems give commercial barge and river transportation companies the ability to remotely survey and monitor vessels, terminals and ports, anytime and anywhere, cutting back on personnel payroll and wasted time.

towboat pushing barge on Mississippi River near St. Louis

Municipal City Security

Watch Over Your City in Real Time, all the Time

We work with large and small city municipalities on both sides of the Mississippi River, including Florissant, MO., and Mt. Vernon, IL. We can help your city reduce manpower expenses while increasing public safety with a variety of security solutions, including remote and mobile video surveillance security cameras, LIVE security station monitoring, SMART IP cameras and software, license plate recognition and more.

Just ask our current municipal clients.

small town municipal street sign

Mobile Remote Security Surveillance

Mobile Security Solutions for Any Need

From fixed-pole remote security cameras to video surveillance security trailers that can be easily transported and placed in virtually any location, urban communities or off-the-gird locations, such as construction sites. Add temporary CCTV security when and where you need it. Catch criminals in the act with LIVE video surveillance monitoring.