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City-Wide, Security Networks for Municipalities & Police Departments

Save Manpower, Time & Resources Streaming Live Video to Your PD Station. Receive Alerts for Visual Verification. Assess & Send Alerts to Individual Personnel for Response. Perfect for Monitoring Crime Hot Spots.

CCTV & Remote, Wireless Cameras. LPR & Thermal Cameras. Smart Analytics for Quick Appearance Search, Facial Recognition & Crowd-Gathering Detection. Stay Mobile with Our Solar-Powered, Remote Security Camera Trailers.

Crime is Up. People Are Frustrated. We Have Your Security Solutions.

No two city municipalities or police departments are the same. Staff size, demographics and budgets run the gambit. But the crime and security issues each face have become universal. From Florissant, MO. to Mt. Vernon, IL., police departments need options to that fit their needs.

More than ever, it’s critical to partner with PASS Security, the leading city municipal and police department security camera surveillance and access control company in the Greater St. Louis Metro Area, Central & Southern Illinois.

Working with your IT tech team, we will custom design and install a scalable, security camera and access control system that frees-up manpower, cuts costs and helps solve and even prevent crimes.

Best Security Cameras for Cities & Police Departments

video surveillance security camera at intersection mt vernon illinois

City-Wide Camera Network

Send alerts to dispatch or officers with our wireless video surveillance security camera system. 

pass security professional remote wireless dome security camera

Remote Security Pole Cameras

Wireless monitoring of crime “hot spots” is a lot easier with our remote cameras. Place virtually anywhere.

pass security solar powered remote mobile surveillance security camera trailers fairview heights illinois

Mobile Security Camera Trailers

Our remote video surveillance security camera trailers are perfect for crime hotspots, parking lots, community rec fields.

electronic padlocks by medico assa abloy

Electronic Locks System

Smarter than traditional padlocks. Track who and when someone opens the lock. Easy key replacement.

We Customize Security
Systems for Municipalities & Police Departments

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mt vernon illinois police department fighting crime with PASS Security video surveillance security cameras

Smart Surveillance Video Analytics Saves Time, Manpower & Resources

Our SMART security systems’ video surveillance analytics, coupled with LIVE VIDEO MONITORING means you can start investigating a criminal event, lost persons, vehicle-involved crime activity IMMEDIATELY, you do not need to wait to review hundreds of hours of videotape.

  • LPR (license plate recognition), tracks vehicles throughout your municipality and nationwide
  • Video Appearance searches take minutes, not hours
  • Crowd Recognition alerts police before the situation heats up
  • Unusual Motion Recognition detects broken patterns in behavior or activity

“We didn’t just want cameras – we wanted an investigative tool…when alerts occur, we can see what’s happening live and then send an officer to the area if needed to address or even prevent an incident”

– Assistant Chief, Robert Brands / Mount Vernon, IL, Police Department

Stop Crime Before it Happens with Advanced Video Surveillance AI Analytics

Noninvasive Surveillance Security Used by Police Departments Throughout the United States

Proactive Security Solutions for hospitals, schools, commercial offices, municipal government buildings, police departments, sports arenas, and more.

Get 24-Hour Security Camera Surveillance from PASS Security

The Leader in Commercial Security Cameras for St. Louis, Central and Southern, IL businesses.

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evolv concealed weapons detection security system for schools, hospitals, sporting venues

CWD Helps Create Weapon-Free Zone

Our touchless, walk-through Concealed Weapons Detection security screening system does not require stopping to empty pockets, purses or backpacks.

Quickly screen visitors, staff & vendors at point of entry as they walk at their own pace – NO STOPPING. Handguns, rifles, knives and other suspicious devices are immediately detected & appear on screen for security personnel to verify & take action.

  • Suspicious weapon is isolated in red box on monitor
  • Operates 10 times faster than traditional screening methods
  • Alarm notifications sent to security operators
  • Screens up to 3,600 people per hour, 60 per minute
  • Touchless – no stopping or emptying pockets, purses or bag inspections
  • Easy setup, indoors or outdoors, portable location to location
  • 5 different sensitivity settings optimizing for different threat levels
Mt. Vernon illinois Channel 3 television news station logo and city water tower

PASS Security in the News…

PASS Security Helps Mt. Vernon Police Solve Crimes

Since designing and installing our networked video surveillance security camera system in Mt. Vernon, IL, the police have experienced tremendous success in using video to solve crimes, view crime activity in progress and even prevent crimes. Residents love it too!

Additional Business Security Solutions We Offer

Industries We Protect

We understand that each industry and business is unique. This is why we take the time to meet with our customers face to face, discuss their security concerns and conduct a site evaluation. Security technology is constantly evolving and improving, so communicating to you the benefits and options of different security components is critical. We are more than your business security provider, we are your security partner.

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