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City municipalities differ in a multitude of ways, from population demographics to budget constraints. Your security issues and the problems your city faces might differ from your closest neighboring municipality or even a town in the next county. For peace of mind and to ease the strain on your budget, it is imperative that you team with the leading municipal camera surveillance company in the St. Louis region – PASS Security.

We work with large city municipalities, municipal police departments, and small outlying towns in the St. Louis Metro area and Central and Southern Illinois, designing security systems that save manpower, financial resources and even help solve and prevent crimes. (see Mt. Vernon, IL. Police Department case study).

There is no “one size fits all” security solution for cities – this is where PASS Security can help you choose the best security camera systems for your municipality and police department.

Best Security System Choices to Meet Your City’s Needs

  • City-Wide, WIRELESS Networked Security System
  • Standalone, WIRELESS Security Pole Cameras
  • Mobile, WIRELESS Security Camera Trailers
  • ELECTRONIC Locks Replace Mechanical Keyed Locks

What works for one city may not be the best security solution for yours. That’s why PASS Security offers a number of security solution choices at different price points for different purposes using trusted security hardware from MotorolaAvigilon, Medeco and other trusted hardware and software security technology manufacturers.

WCCTV Remote Mobile Video Surveillance Security Camera on Pole
video surveillance security camera at intersection

City-Wide Networked Security System

Like having a police officer on every corner. Video surveillance security camera system for small and large municipalities.

Standalone Security Pole Cameras

Wireless monitoring of crime “hot spots” is a lot easier with these pole cameras. Place anywhere, deployable in minutes.

Mobile Security Camera Trailers

Our remote video surveillance security camera trailers are perfect for construction sites, parking lots, community events.

Electronic Locks System

Features intelligent key systems with electronically programmed credentials able to open locks on a specified time schedule.

We Customize Security
Solutions for City Municipalities

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mt vernon illinois police department fighting crime with PASS Security video surveillance security cameras

Smart Video Analytics Saves Time, Manpower & Resources

Our SMART security systems’ video surveillance analytics, coupled with LIVE VIDEO MONITORING means you can start investigating a criminal event, lost persons, vehicle-involved crime activity IMMEDIATELY, you do not need to wait to review hundreds of hours of videotape.

  • LPR (license plate recognition), tracks vehicles throughout your municipality and nationwide
  • Video Appearance searches database for vehicle and a person’s physical match
  • Crowd recognition alerts police when groups of people are gathering
  • Unusual Motion Recognition detects broken patterns in behavior or activity

“We didn’t just want cameras – we wanted an investigative tool…when alerts occur, we can see what’s happening live and then send an officer to the area if needed to address or even prevent an incident”

– Assistant Chief, Robert Brands / Mount Vernon, IL, Police Department

Mt. Vernon Channel 3 television news station logo and city water tower

In the News…

PASS Security Helps Mt. Vernon Police Solve Crimes

Since designing and installing our networked video surveillance security camera system in Mt. Vernon, IL, the police have experienced tremendous success in using video to solve crimes, view crime activity in progress and even prevent crimes. Residents love it too!

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