PASS Security’s Municipal Remote Video Surveillance System gives cities the control and convenience to remotely survey and monitor buildings, streets, business districts, trouble intersections, public spaces and high-crime areas, dramatically reducing the time, effort, and expense of managing city resources while enhancing public safety.

Affordable remote video surveillance and monitoring for cities, townships and villages.

Maintaining public safety is your first priority. Maintaining your budget is a close second. With our municipal remote video surveillance system you can protect your citizens and your budget.

Mt. Vernon Illinois water tower

Increase public safety without increasing your budget or time adding personnel.

For years, if you wanted to maintain order or get real-time information, you had to send personnel. Times have changed. With PASS Security’s Municipal Remote Video Surveillance System small and large municipalities can cost-effectively keep trouble areas in check while minimizing situations in which local police officers and citizens may fall prey to physical violence. Our system not only acts as a powerful deterrent to vandalism, theft, and other illegal behavior, it also provides a visual record as evidence for future prosecutions.


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Rugged hardware, sophisticated software and robust wireless networking all working together.

PASS Security has spent years developing and perfecting our municipal security video surveillance system. We continually evaluate hardware and software solutions to take advantage of the latest technology and innovations. Using our decades of electronic security experience, we combined all these to create an integrated security package. The result is a suite of components that work together seamlessly to give you a level of oversight that just wasn’t possible before.

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The affordable, scalable approach to managing city resources and budgets.

Your community is counting on you to keep them safe: on your tree-lined streets; in your schools, courthouses, and public buildings; at your parks and community centers. Even with the best planning, you will never have sufficient manpower to watch over everything. That’s why you need a wireless video surveillance security camera system customized to your specifications that does not require the level of infrastructure that’s typically required to support traditional video surveillance systems. Your city can monitor parks, government buildings, and other vulnerable public spaces without the expense of additional vehicles and personnel.

Our municipal security video surveillance camera system is totally scalable, allowing municipalities to start with a single location and expand coverage and functionality as needs and budget allow.

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