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Benefits of Commercial Video Surveillance Systems

Protecting your business from theft, vandalism and other security breaches is paramount. It is a simple matter of safety for your employees and customers, loss of equipment or inventory, and a number of other security breaches depending on your industry.

various video surveillance security camerasWhat are the top reasons to have a professional security system custom installed at your place of business, including access control and video surveillance security camera systems?

Here are some of the benefits that your business will gain with the installation of our commercial video surveillance systems:

  • Deter crime: Criminal behavior, especially theft or vandalism, is most often times a matter of shear opportunity–it’s there and it’s unprotected, it’s mine. Lazy criminals. So it’s no secret that just having security cameras visible on your business property, both inside and out, can deter would-be criminals from committing theft and violent crimes on impulse, thus ensuring protection of your employees, customers and business property.
  • Reduce shrinkage: This is something business owners don’t like to think about or believe could even be true, but just having a video surveillance security camera system within the business premises can also prevent employee theft, shoplifting, and other “shrinkage costs,” resulting in better inventory management and minimizing profit loss. Knowing that their actions can be monitored in real-time will also motivate and prompt your staff into action, resulting in increased employee productivity levels.
  • Prevent liability claims: Camera surveillance systems can prevent, at least dispute, slip-and-falls and other personal injury claims against your business because you can easily disprove false claims made against your business through video evidence. Video evidence has become the number one credible piece of evidence used in such workman comp cases and other personal injury lawsuits.
  • Determine purchasing behavior and weak security entry points: Through the use of video surveillance, you can also learn more how your customer behaves while inside your business premises, so you will know in which part of your store to place merchandise for the best sales, noting heavy traffic times of day, or at which points of entry, both external doors and interior, to install access control systems. Access control systems for businesses–retail stores or office buildings–have come a long way over the last several years, allowing you to integrate your access control system with your video surveillance network and operate from you mobile phone.

There are a number of other critical reasons to install a security surveillance and access control system at your commercial business, but this is enough food for thought for now to get you started. I’ll follow up soon with additional business security system “musts” in a future post.

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