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Keyless Entry Keeps Businesses
Safer & More Secure

We design and install Access Control Systems for small and large businesses, enterprise operations and institutions. We are the leading access control security company in the St. Louis Metro area, Central and Southern Illinois.

Access control systems allow you to manage and monitor who has access to your business and at what times of day or night. Systems can be stand-alone or integrated with intercom, video and perimeter protection, and accessed with a swipe care, key fob or even mobile smartphone.

These sophisticated systems are a combination of SMART hardware and software – much safer and more secure than a mechanical lock and key. Keys can be easily copied, lost or kept by former employees.

Easily combine our access control software with other security features, such as intrusion detection devices and video surveillance security cameras. Swipe cards and other access credentials can easily be canceled, modified or added, and you can also manage your access control system onsite or remotely.

Access Control gives you total control:

  • Who has access to your business
  • What times they have access
  • What specific areas of your business they have access
  • Cards and fobs can be conveniently canceled at any time
  • Easily block specific areas of your business from certain employees
  • Give visitors, like contractors, temporary access at specific times, to specific areas.

The most effective and efficient way to protect your business.

Our Two Primary Access Control Systems

access control security swipe card

Alarm.com Access Control

Alarm.com also allows remote operation from anywhere—your computer, tablet or phone. Whether you’re a small business with one door or a large multi-location operation with hundreds of doors, we’ve got you covered.

Salto Key Fob wireless door security system

Salto Access Control

Salto wireless system stores all information on the smart card, not the door locking hardware, which makes for easy auditing, tracking and cost savings when it is time to update hardware. Can be operated remotely.

Access Control is by far the most effective and efficient way to protect your business. Also, learn about our Business Surveillance Cameras and Security Monitoring Center to ensure your business is safe and secure 24/7.

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