PASS Security is dedicated to developing new, innovative ways to improve school campus security in the St. Louis Metro area, Central and Southern Illinois regions.

We take seriously the safeguarding of thousands of students, teachers, professors, faculty, support staff and parents at a growing number of public and private schools throughout the area, including prominent area colleges and universities.

Partnering with local police departments, campus security, IT engineers and school personnel, PASS Security designs, engineers and deploys the latest in hi-tech integrated school security systems that not only protect people and property but ultimately save schools money and personnel time.

From access control systems to video surveillance cameras and monitoring, we offer an array of advanced integrated security solutions to mitigate school campus violence and security breaches involving unauthorized personnel, theft, sexual assault, vandalism and shooter scenarios.

Over the last 50 years, PASS Security has earned a reputation as the leading commercial business security company in the St. Louis region. We are honored to be the area’s go-to school security systems company and adviser to educational leaders who are always exploring new and innovative security measures to ensure school campus safety.

With the growing urgency to upgrade and maximize security systems at college and university campuses, elementary and secondary schools, it is critical for educational institutions to partner with school security companies experienced in creating custom school security systems that match their needs and budgets.

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Trust Our 50 Years of Expertise – Integrated Security Solutions for Educational Institutions

  • Enterprise Electronic and Access Control Systems
  • Video Surveillance Cameras and 24/7 UL Monitoring Station Services
  • Live Video Verification of Intrusions and Security Breaches
  • Warning system Providing Emergency Responders—Police, Fire, EMTs—with Fast, Accurate Information
  • Panic Buttons for Classrooms and Staff
  • Electronic Visitor Management Platforms
  • Mass Notification and Emergency Communication
  • Lockdown Solutions
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Threat Level Management
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From K-12 to higher education universities and colleges, our number one priority is securing your safety!

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Available Financial Government Funding for School Security Systems? We May be Able to Help

It is no secret that schools are being hit hard fiscally and forced to stretch every dollar, especially private and public colleges and universities. We understand that finding funding for a school security upgrade or full system deployment can be challenging. We would like to have a conversation with you about how to potentially tap into available government funding to supplement your budget and meet your goals, including money-saving purchasing agreements, contracts awarded by the National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA), and also through available TORT funding.

We Take School Security Personally

The fact is, we have a vested interest in our community’s safety, particularly within our schools. In fact, you could say our motives are purely selfish. The majority of our own PASS Security team members have children enrolled in schools in St. Louis and throughout Missouri and Illinois, so safeguarding students and ensuring that their learning environment maintains the highest level of security and safety is a personal passion and a daunting responsibility we never take for granted.

We Partner with Your Campus Security Team, IT Experts and School Personnel

PASS Security is focused on holistically streamlining and enhancing campus security operations by balancing the critical implementation of integrated security technologies while also ensuring easy-access management for authorized visitors and school personnel. We design and coordinate our security systems installations to minimally impact your school’s daily operation, staff and student population activities. Whether it is an electronic visitor management platform, video intrusion verification system, access control measures or remote video surveillance cameras, we are sensitive to the protocols of working on school campuses and teaming with school personnel.

Installing Security Systems / Video Surveillance for Schools

From a single-building video surveillance security camera installation to engineering and implementing a campus-wide security network infrastructure at sprawling colleges and large universities, our security installation technicians draw on years of experience and special training. Along with an array of integrated security components, we have installed thousands of security cameras in St. Louis and Illinois area schools. You can be confident that your school security system will meet and exceed the latest security system installation specs. All systems and hardware are continually tested with software updated on a regularly scheduled basis.

School Security Starts with a Plan – We Can Help

More than ever, formulating a comprehensive and scalable school security plan to guard against the mildest acts of school vandalism to the most egregious acts of school violence, is a critical priority for every school in the country, not just for St. Louis area schools. Even if you already have a certain level of security measures in place, we can assist you with everything from upgrading software, hardware and equipment to diagraming a campus-wide security system to achieve your security goals and maintain the continued safety of your students, teachers, staff and parents.

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We Are The School Security Leader in The St. Louis Area. Question: Is Your School As Secure As It Should Be?

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