Smart doesn’t even begin to describe the advanced Lyric thermostat.

Not only does Lyric automatically adjust to your desired temperature when you arm or disarm your security system, it can also be programmed based on your scheduling needs. Far from home? No problem, Lyric connects to your smartphone, tablet, or PC for energy savings on demand. If you’re looking to save on heating and cooling, Lyric is music to your ears.

Lyric Thermostat

Smart Thermostat features:

  • Programmable to activate by your smart phone’s location
  • Knows whether you are home or away and sets the temperature accordingly
  • Compatible with many types of devices and smart home ecosystems
  • Can help you assess your home’s humidity levels
  • Alerts you to furnace maintenance issues such as filter changes
  • Monitors weather patterns to help you program your temperature controls
  • Subtle design with a back plate available
  • Adds efficiency by helping you lower your cost of heating or cooling your home

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