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How do Access Control Systems for Businesses Work?

If your business does not have an Access Control security system, it is time to join the 21st century.

Whether your business has 5 employees or 500, you need to consider an Access Control system (also sometimes referred to as a keyless or smartlock system) that can allow or deny access to non-personnel, while allowing your employees and authorized visitors and subcontractors to come and go and have access to certain areas of your building or complex.

Simply put, Access Control systems for St. Louis area businesses make life easier for you and your employees, save you money and keep your workplace secure during normal business hours or afterhours.

Note: Access Control systems can also be integrated into your video surveillance security camera system.

What is an Access Control System and How do They Work?

Access Control is a physical electronic (not cyber security) security system that allows or restricts access to a building, room, storage area or other designated areas.

How Users Access Areas

Employees are issued cards to swipe an access control card reader, or they can use a key fob, wristband or even a mobile phone. By holding one of these objects in front of the card reader, typically mounted on the wall next to the door, the person is essentially requesting access to this area to which a signal is then sent to an Access Control Unit, which authorizes the user and triggers the door to unlock, or not, depending on that person’s authorized credentials.

Who Manages Your Access Control System?

Access Control systems have a management dashboard or portal which allows office administrators, IT managers or security personnel to specify who can access the premises and under what conditions.

Employees will have access, according to the administrator’s custom settings, based on shifts, time of day, the employee’s title, security clearance level or their job duties or criteria.

Inside the Access Control System’s Infrastructure

Think of the infrastructure as an electronic database which holds information about the electronic locks, card readers and door status (is the door open or closed, door location) for purposes of monitoring requests made by users to exit or enter an area. These requests are all reported to the control panel and then the server (your database).

Access Control Panel: Control panels are typically located out of site in a secure location, an IT room or electronic closet where all the “techie stuff” is housed that most of us don’t understand anyway. When a person’s credentials are scanned, a signal is sent to the control panel, which then sends an authorization to unlock the door…or not. This is a good reality check to see just how valuable of an employee you are.

Electronic Locks: There are two kinds: 1) Fail safe locks, which are necessary for doors on fire escape routes and other emergency exits, and 2) Fail secure locks for doors that lead to rooms that need to be protected in the event of an outage, such as an IT office.

The Access Control Server: The server (database) stores the access control system’s permissions (who can come and go, when and where) as established by the security division, IT or another administrator. The system wields a great deal of power, like the Wizard behind the curtain in the movie The Wizard of Oz (still a terrific movie after over 80 years), as it decides whether or not to unlock a door for a specific user and tracks all information regarding who enters, when and where, and how many times.

These servers can exist on a cloud-based service, dedicated computer or in the card reader itself. The Salto Access Control system for multifamily apartment buildings and retail for corporate businesses, also store the information on the card itself. A unique money-saving convenience.

We hope this gives you a brief education into how Access Control systems for commercial businesses and other organizations operate and some of their benefits. We will follow up with more information about which businesses and organizations typically use an Access Control system. Is yours one of them?

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