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Secure Your Business After Hours with LIVE Security Camera Monitoring

If you follow the news at all in St. Louis and the Metro East, you know that nighttime is primetime for criminal activity, especially involving area businesses.

Frustrated with the increase in blatant crime and vandalism targeting businesses in our area—often involving thieves breaking into multiple businesses within a single block—St. Louis business owners face some unique challenges. This is especially true at night when businesses are typically unoccupied and at their most vulnerable.

But brick and mortar storefront businesses are not the only targets. Businesses with outdoor fenced-in storage areas—meant to protect fleet vehicles, or heavy construction equipment and raw materials, even auto dealerships, are increasingly finding themselves victims of costly theft and vandalism.

As an added security measure, each year business owners spend thousands of dollars on commercial chain link fence installations to protect these vulnerable outdoor areas, but fences don’t have the stopping power against motivated thieves and vandals, who are willing to take the risks and know that their chances of getting caught by police is next to none.

Live Outdoor Video Surveillance: Your All-Night Virtual Security Guard

There is a solution though that businesses owners can employ to help end their frustrations and the high cost of crime that owners ultimately pay.

PASS Security protects many of the St. Louis Metro Area’s small businesses and large commercial operations with LIVE outdoor security camera video surveillance monitoring and police dispatch response.

No other local security company in the Greater St. Louis area offers such a sophisticated security monitoring service, or one this reliable and affordable. If you do find one, let us know.

LIVE monitoring is NOT a simple perimeter fence alarm system with laser beams or sensors, which are grossly prone to failure and triggering false alarms, PASS Security’s 24-hour central monitoring station is staffed with trained security experts who continuously monitor LIVE security camera feeds from multiple exterior security cameras strategically positioned on your property, so when an intruder is detected on your property, our agents visually verify the crime in action and then dispatch the police. Business owners also get a notification if an event occurs.

Watch Video of LIVE Outdoor Security Camera Monitoring in Action

Burglar Climbing Over a St. Louis Business Commercial Chain Link Fence at Night

Benefits of LIVE Security Camera Monitoring Service

  1. Verifying Criminal Activity: Did you know that many municipal police departments are increasingly refusing to respond to business security alarms if they are not supplied with visual verification of a crime in progress? Business owners are sometimes even fined if police do respond only to discover no crime in progress or there is no visible evidence of illegal activity. The Alton Police Department takes it one step further and may penalize your business if these incidents repeatedly occur by taking your business off the “call list” for up to 30 days. So even if you do have a legitimate break-in, and your business security alarm system does send a signal to the police, they can exercise their right not to respond.
  2. Preventing Crimes in Real-Time: Nothing is more frustrating for the police, and business owners, than spending hours reviewing security camera surveillance footage the day after a break-in, when it’s too late. With PASS Security’s LIVE Outdoor Security Camera Monitoring service, this frustrating scenario is a thing of the past.
  3. Cost and Time Efficiency: The financial burden to business owners as a result of theft and vandalism cannot be overstated. Business owners in St. Louis know all too well the financial losses and administrative burdens of post-crime scenarios. But installing business security cameras and integrating with LIVE video surveillance monitoring, can save significant time and resources that would otherwise be spent on filing police reports and insurance claims, losing time on the job, replacing inventory and making awkward phone calls to customers breaking the news that their vehicle, or other property, was stolen.
  4. Reduced False Alarms: Our LIVE video surveillance monitoring service reduces pesky, middle-of-the-night false alarms that are more common at night, ensuring police response is strictly reserved for actual security threats. If your current security alarm monitoring service company does not have this level of sophisticated security, and they are still calling the police because they think a crime is in progress when a blind alarm sounds, but they cannot visually verify, it is time to for you to switch to PASS Security.
  5. Seamless Integration and Enhanced Security: Our exterior security camera systems and LIVE central station alarm monitoring service is designed to integrate smoothly with most existing security camera systems, this greatly enhances your current business security camera system without the added cost of replacement. We can also equip most exterior security cameras with floodlights and loudspeakers featuring talk down capabilities. These two security prevention features alone often scare burglars away before they have the chance to steal your inventory or damage your property.

Choose PASS Security for All Your Business Security System Needs

Choosing PASS Security means ensuring your business is protected, not only during its most vulnerable hours, but at all times. We also help keep businesses safe with entry door access control systems, intrusion burglar alarms, and environmental security systems.

Our commercial security camera installers are field-tested veterans who will ensure your security camera installation is performed at the highest professional level of expertise and accountability. All security camera installations are subjected to an exhaustive field test before our customers sign off on the job. And our expert security consultants work with you every step of the way to explain the process, guaranteeing you have the best video surveillance camera system for your business.

For the ultimate security protection for your business, contact us today by submitting the form on this page, or emailing us or calling directly. We want to hear from you and appreciate your business. 314-241-0422 or 618-394-1144.

Founded in 1969, PASS Security is headquartered in St. Louis, MO. and Fairview Heights, IL. We are a premiere, local full-service electronic security systems company, providing over 50 years of expertise in intrusion detection alarm systemsvideo surveillanceaccess control systemsand LIVE video monitoring for businesses, and large commercial and enterprise operations. PASS Security certified technicians are trusted by thousands of home owners as well for the installation of  the best security systems for homes, and offer a wide range of residential security solutions,  from innovative SMART home automatic lighting controls and access control systems for entry doors, doorbell porch cameras, to home smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and outdoor security cameras equipped with motion sensors and night vision capabilities. If 24 – 7 security for your business or home is your priority, PASS Security is your solution. We have consistently been recognized in the St. Louis Metro Area and Illinois as the best local security company since 1969 for commercial and home security camera system installation, and all other security products and services.

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