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Best Security Alarm Systems for Your Business

Security Alarm Systems for St. Louis Area Businesses

Since 1969  we have provided commercial businesses in the St. Louis area, Central and Southern Illinois, our expertise in designing, stalling and maintaining security systems, from Video Surveillance Cameras, to Access Control to LIVE video camera surveillance monitoring at our UL listed security central station in St. Louis County.

We work with many of the area’s largest corporations, utility companies, schools and universities, city municipalities, hospitals and more.

Whether you are a large corporation or a small local business, we want to be your strategic security partner. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the most sophisticated commercial business security products, designs, installations, maintenance service & support.

Our business security system solutions are engineered using the latest high-tech hardware and software technologies. From Military-Grade Security systems to Remote Video Surveillance Cameras, and much more, we have the right solution for all your business security needs.

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The Best in Smarter Business Security

Outfit your business with Alarm.com – a fully-integrated alarm security system that allows you to monitor and control everything through a single, mobile-friendly interface – no matter where you are, from your computer, tablet or SMART phone. Receive text alerts when employees open your business in the morning and close at night. Control the ability to arm and disarm your security system remotely, from anywhere.

CONTACT US TODAY so we can help you design a security system customized to the way you do business – oversee employee performance, productivity, foot traffic, openings and closings, deliveries and so much more.

Alarm.com Products for Business Security & Automation

automated home thermostat

Smart Thermostat

Indoor Business Security Camera

Indoor Video Surveillance Camera

System Enrichment Module


Analog Camera Convert

avigilon bullet security camera

Outdoor Video Bullet Camera

dome tilt pan zoom security camera

Outdoor Video Surveillance Dome Camera

DSC Business Property Protection Security Products

TouchScreen business Security Keypad

TouchScreen Security Keypad

Full Message Business Security LCD Keypad

Full Message LCD Keypad

Business Security CO Detector

CO Detector

Business Security Flood Detector

Flood Detector

Business security glass break protector

Glass Break Detector

Business Security Four Button Keychain Remote

4 Button Keychain Remote

Business security door and window contacts

Door & Window Security Contact

Business Security Motion Detector

Security Motion Detector

Business Security Motion Detector with Camera

Motion Detector with Security Camera

Outdoor commercial Security Motion Detector

Outdoor Security Motion Detector

Business Smoke and Heat Detector

Smoke and Heat Detector

Fire Protection for People & Property

There are few threats to your business that can be as catastrophic as a fire. Protect your business and reduce your risk of fire and smoke related damage with a monitored alarm system from PASS. When a commercial fire alarm system alerts authorities to a fire, it speeds up their response time so the fire has less time to cause damage to your building, valuable documents, inventory and other assets.

A commercial fire alarm system sounds the warning the a fire has been detected in your building. Strobe lights make it easier, and the situation more urgent, for people to escape in a timely manner.

Fireman and fire truck

Flood and Water Protection for Your Business

Water damage can be devastating for your business. You cannot afford to be shut down for extended periods of time while the damage is repaired, not to mention the lost of inventory, critical financial and personnel records, and more. To reduce the risk of water damage, water detectors and shut-off devices can be used to monitor key areas of your facility. These products can alert you to abnormal amounts of water before it does extensive damage.

Flood and Water Protection

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