I recently contacted a sales rep from your company through a referral. Her name was Michelle Callahan. The gentlemen who installed my system (yesterday) was named Devin Huff. Here at my agency we are ALL about service to the customers. Putting them as priority #1 and making them feel welcome. When those two easy steps (difficult for most people) are done, price is not much of a factor anymore. At least as far as I am concerned.

The service I received from both Michelle and Devin was nothing short of excellent. When I am blown away by how I am treated as a potential customer, which I was, I feel they deserve a good note. Michelle blew us away with her quick follow up, product knowledge, willingness to help and making me a priority. She now found an insurance agent who will be trying to push any customer interested in an alarm system (insurance world they get a very good discount on Homeowners as your aware but I discuss this topic in each insurance review) her way and your companies way.

You have two really great team members representing your company. Thanks for the dynamite service, it’s something that’s hard to come by in today’s world so great job to Michelle and Devin!

Eric Hullinger, The Hullinger Group

I interviewed four different security service providers and checked into multiple types of home security systems before choosing. The system is wonderful and easy to operate. I had a question concerning the system today (11-26-11) and the Technician, Bill was referred; the same person who had installed the system on Nov. 4, 2011. Not only was he very professional and explicit on the installation date, but I had a question concerning the monitors today and he was so gracious. He explained everything so well and told me to call any time if I had any questions. WHAT A COMPANY AND EMPLOYEE!

God Bless You,
M. Lenoir, Wildwood, MO

Recently moved to a new residence. Having been a very satisfied customer for many years in my previous house, I wouldn’t have considered anyone else to secure my new home.

I wanted to express my sincere appreciation with the services obtained form both Rita and Devin. Rita performed an excellent survey of my needs and made appropriate recommendations to give me “peace of mind” I was seeking. She presented me with my options and we agreed on the best course of action for my new security system. Shortly after writing the contract, Devin arrived a few days later to perform the installation. He is the consummate professional! After giving him a tour of the premises, he made detailed drawings of the “zones” he thought would be most appropriate. Installation was then performed ofer the course of the day. He explained to me the functioning of the alarm system, and made sure I was able to obtain additional instructions / manuals from the internet and the “app” for my smart phone.

I am 100% satisfied with all the services provided.

Darryl Barishman

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