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AVIGILON APPEARANCE SEARCH video analytics technology is a sophisticated deep learning AI search engine for video enabled by sophisticated IP security cameras and advanced analytics software. It sorts through hours of video with ease, quickly locating a specific person or vehicle of interest and pinpointing their location. Appearance Search can improve incident response time and enhance forensic investigations for police departments and security guard personnel by helping operators compile robust video evidence, create a powerful narrative of events, and reveal a vehicle or individual’s route or last-known location.

INTEGRATED SOLUTION Integrated with Avigilon Control Center (ACC) 7 and ACC™ 6 Enterprise edition software, Avigilon cameras with self-learning video analytics and select Avigilon Network Video Recorders (NVRs). INITIATE SEARCHES BASED ON PHYSICAL DESCRIPTIONS Allows operators to search for a person or vehicle by selecting certain specific physical descriptions, including gender, hair color, clothing color and age categorization for people and vehicle sub-type and color for vehicles.

SEARCH ACROSS MULTIPLE SITES Initiate a search for a person or vehicle of interest across one site, then continue the search for the same subject of interest by seamlessly transitioning from one site to the next site that uses the same version of ACC software. FACIAL ANALYTICS INCLUDED IN SEARCH Incorporating the unique characteristics of a person’s face enables the Appearance Search technology to understand that it is searching for the same person, even if items such as their clothing change over time. PLAYBACK, BOOKMARK & EXPORT TOOLS Build a comprehensive set of video evidence from multiple video sources, to create a powerful narrative of events.

PASS Security is Avigilon’s top regional dealer in the St. Louis, Missouri metro area, including Central and Southern Illinois. PASS has implemented this system successfully with many customers, including local city governments and law enforcement departments. See how we helped Mt. Vernon, Illinois’ police department not only solve crimes, but prevent them, by installing a mesh network of IP cameras throughout their city, with all video footage fed back to police headquarters for LIVE monitoring.

Avigilon Appearance Search is the perfect security camera and smart video analytics system for many businesses and government entities, including police departments, city municipalities, shopping centers, business districts, critical infrastructure, and more.

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