Switch to the security experts of St. Louis!

Make the switch to PASS and receive:

  • Free security alarm system inspection
  • Free online user manual
  • 24-hour monitoring by a PASS UL monitoring center
  • Free reprogramming of your existing system
  • Optional lifetime warranty on all of the equipment

Switching is simple.

Your existing security system will be reprogrammed, inspected and tested into our monitoring center by one of our on-site security professionals.

PASS Security alarm system monitoring provides 24-hour protection

Our UL listed local monitoring center professionals are here to help protect the people and things you care about most, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If an alarm is triggered, a signal will be sent from your home or business to one of our trained security monitoring operators. The operator will alert you, along with the police, fire department, and emergency personnel to the possible security breach. These steps happen every time the alarm goes off, allowing you the peace of mind that your family, business, and belongings are protected. We can monitor your existing security system or upgrade it to be controlled by a smartphone.

Have an existing system? Switch today!

A PASS security systems expert will call you back for a hassle-free consultation