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Whether you have an existing home security system, looking to upgrade your current system, or simply not satisfied with your current security provider, PASS Security will meet your needs.

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  • 24-hour monitoring by our locally owned, UL licensed, Five-Diamond Monitoring Center. We use cutting edge Cellular and Internet Monitoring technology for a more secure, faster, and reliable form of communication.
  • FREE Activation whether your system was installed by PASS Security or another provider.
  • FREE System Inspection by one of our certified technicians. We will test and inspect every device connected to your system and ensure monitoring.

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Rest easier knowing your home and the people you care about are protected by award-winning PASS Security. We provide custom security solutions that fit your needs so you can be assured your home, loved ones and pets are protected. From our certified installation team to our award-winning monitoring center, your St. Louis area home is covered 24/7.

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Ask about our technology upgrades. PASS Security can do much more than monitoring your existing system. We can upgrade your system from a standard phone line to cellular or internet monitoring for a more secure monitoring connection and convert a basic system to a smart system. PASS Security makes securing your home simple by using and Total Connect Smart technology. The Smart Technology app works with your mobile phone, tablet, and PC. It allows for complete control of your security system from anywhere. Real-time activity alerts let you know when the system is armed or disarmed and much more.

Other Optional Services Available

Doorbell Security Cameras

Doorbell cameras from PASS Security allow you to observe and speak with visitors at your door when you aren’t home or when you can’t be interrupted.

These systems include text message alerts for when your system has been armed and disarmed. You can also receive video notifications when somebody enters the house. There will be no more wondering if your kids made it home from school!

Doorbell Security Cameras

Smart Video Security Cameras

PASS Security now introduces SMART Cameras. SMART Cameras allow you to keep an eye on the perimeter of your home, they can tell the difference between an animal, a person, and even a vehicle. They are highly intelligent using built-in AI technology for up to 45’ away and provide a high-quality HD video.

Home Security Cameras

Energy Saving Thermostats

Whether controlling it from your smartphone or programming it to adjust automatically, our SMART Thermostat is a smarter way to go. And did we mention the energy savings? Enjoy the convenience and the money you can save.

Energy-Saving Thermostats

Door Locks

Our locks don’t just keep you safe, they make your life easier. Unlock or lock your door easily from the backlit keypad. Or you can control, monitor and unlock or lock your home from your smartphone from an app.

PASS Security also offers a convenient remote key fob to arm and disarm your home, lock and unlock doors, and give you immediate access to emergency services with the push of a button.

Door Locks

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