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It’s Your Turn in the Spotlight!

Your best moves could win your town and police department a WCCTV Covert Security Camera ($10K Value) from PASS Security. Multiple submissions from police or municipal staff (even the mayor) welcome!

Just create a TikTok video of you, your fellow officers, the mayor or city hall admin staff lip-syncing and/or dancing to a favorite song – in the PD station, on the street, in the neighborhood, your car, city hall, the town square. Wherever!

How to Enter:

  1. Create a TikTok video of yourself, fellow officers, the mayor or city hall staff lip-syncing, dancing, or both, to any song. (30 seconds max)
  2. Post your video, hashtag it: #passsecuritypolicecontest and tag it: @passsecuritystl
  3. Include in video description: your first name, last name initial, police department
  4. Video with the highest number of Likes (voted by the general public ) on TikTok WINS the Grand Prize!, tabulated Jan 18, 2022 @12pm
  5. Second and third place runners-up will receive a free lunch pizza party at their PD station.

To be eligible, your police department must be within a 100-mile radius of St. Louis, MO

Submission Deadline: Midnight, January 15, 2022
Winner Announced: January 20, 2022
(via social media, PASS website, email, phone call)

Questions? Contact: Jon Rehg
Business Development & Marketing Manager
314-249-9935 or jrehg@passsecurity.com

Why Are We Giving Away a Security Camera?

That’s an easy one, we want to give something back and we know police departments don’t always have the budget for critical security equipment. We work with several police departments and city municipalities in the Greater St. Louis Metro Area and Central and Southern, Illinois and we want to show our appreciation for the work police officers and support personnel do every day. We are in your corner 100%, and in your debt.

Why a TikTok Video?

It’s a hugely popular video platform with young people, with over 1/3 of U.S. TikTok viewers between the ages of 10-19 (this is our primary target age group) and more than 50% up to age 29. It also has over 1 billion active daily users across all age groups.

Our Goal – Reach Out to Young People in Our Communities

This is really what it’s all about. What better way to reach young people in our communities and build trust and strong relations than to show them that law enforcement officers are real people too, just like them, who like to have fun, sing and dance.

Our hope is that young people will react to this positive message in a positive way and help bring young people and police officers closer together on the street and start positive conversations.