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Are You Letting A Stranger Into Your Home?

The story was all over the major media markets recently. Somebody hacked into a widely available home security camera system, and used it to harass a child and her family. While the child was not in physical danger, nobody knows what images or video the intruder was able to capture. Think about what that could mean for that family. Images of their child in her bedroom could be on the “dark web”, and in the hands of predators.

Many popular DIY camera systems come with extra costs: outdated and easily accessible software and inferior (or obsolete) hardware. The companies that sell this equipment often promote a low-cost monitoring service. The problem is, you don’t know where that monitoring service company is or who they hire.

PASS Security installs the most current security systems available and maintains their software. Our Five-Diamond monitoring center hires the best people only after they pass a thorough background check. They are put through a rigorous training program and are encouraged to continue their education in security systems. The Director of PASS Security is involved in the daily operations of the monitoring center, which is located in the St. Louis area.

Our camera systems are routinely checked to ensure that nobody from outside the system has access to them. We work with to make sure your security system smart device app is safe, private, and effective. Only the people you want to have access to the security system will be able to see it.

The DIY camera system companies won’t tell you if their employees go through a background check or where their monitoring centers are located. They have widely available apps that can be downloaded and hacked by anybody willing to take the time.

Going with a small, local security company with its own monitoring system may cost more, but it’s worth it when you consider the risks of the alternative.

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