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There's no cost and no commitment. We set it up, you use it. Experience for yourself why this is a must-have.

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What You'll Experience

Operational Insight

You’ll get instant insight into a key area of your city, whether it’s a busy intersection, an important building, or a public space.

Real-Time Video

Are people congregating where they shouldn’t? Are drivers ignoring a traffic signal? With OverSite, you will see for yourself.

Rapid Installation

OverSite doesn’t require traditional security infrastructure so we can install a system in days rather than weeks or months.

Zero Cost, Zero Risk

You’ll see firsthand how PASS Municipal OverSite can transform your city.

How The Trial Works


We Consult

We meet, discuss your needs, discuss your options, and we determine together the best place to run your demo.


We Install & Train

We arrive and install the necessary equipment in the agreed upon location or locations. We then train the appropriate team members to use the system.


You Use It

You use the PASS Municipal OverSite system for a fixed trial period. We are available to answer all questions and ensure you’re getting the most out of it.


We Review Together

After the trial, we review your experience and assess the value the trial provided to determine the best next step.