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Your municipality or small town may be experiencing some of the same criminal activity plaguing most metropolitan cities. Hard to imagine, but drug and gang activity have been rampant in many small American towns for decades. Irrelevant of your community’s geographic size, more than likely you are spending thousands more than you can afford on policing resources, security systems and manhours, without getting the full results you expected.

Our goal is to help your police department mitigate crime and other undesirable behavior in your community while keeping citizens and police officers safe, without ballooning your budget. You can rely on us to develop a comprehensive security system, which includes the best video surveillance security cameras for municipalities and police departments, that not only helps solve crimes but can also help prevent criminal activity.

Take a minute to learn how one Illinois police department tells in their own words how their partnership and experience working with PASS Security helped them meet and overcome security challenges unique to their community, from commercial burglaries to murders to drug activity.

Mt. Vernon, IL, Police Department Fights Crime Using High-Tech Security Measures

Video Surveillance on a City-Wide Scale

assistant chief of police Robert Brands Mt. Vernon Illinois

Video surveillance on a city-wide scale

assistant chief of police Robert Brands Mt. Vernon Illinois
mt vernon illinois police department fighting crime with PASS Security video surveillance security cameras

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