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Mobile OverSite

Mobile & Remote Surveillance Security Cameras for St. Louis & Illinois

Solar-Powered Mobile Security Camera Trailers. Remote Fixed Wireless Pole Cameras.

View LIVE Streaming Video on Phone, PC or Tablet. Receive SMS & Email Alerts. Dispatch Police. Audio Talk-Down & Floodlights.

Protect Remote Properties. Move From Site to Site.

Parking Lots, Crime Hotspots, Outdoor Storage Facilities, Schools, Government, Construction Sites, Remote Infrastructure, Enternainment & Sports Venues.

Two-Way Audio Speakers for LIVE Talk-Down or Recorded Message. Strobe and Floodlights, Alarm.

Wcctv Mobile Surveillance Security Camera Trailer With Solar Panels Pass Security

Remote Mobile Solar Security Camera Trailer

No Wires, Power or Internet Required

  • Entirely self-contained, deploys in 30 minutes
  • 600 Watt solar panel with 460 AH battery bank capacity
  • Compact, easy to transport, 1,800 lbs.
  • Telescoping 26′ 4″ camera pole
  • 70-120 degree high-resolution horizontal FOV
  • 58 degree (PTZ) horizontal FOV per camera
  • Maximum streaming resolution 1920×1080
  • Two-way loud speaker with LIVE talk-down or recorded message
  • Floodlight and blue/red strobe lights
  • 3 IP cameras – choose from LPR, line crossing, human/vehicle detection
  • Low light capability thermal imaging & IR illumination
  • Remote camera configuration
  • IR capability
  • SMS & email alert notifications
  • On-board GPS Locators for peace of mind and video location verification
PASS Security Solar Powered Mobile Security Surveillance Camera Trailer Data Sheet

Customer Success Story!

“During an 18-month construction project at the Art Museum, PASS Security’s mobile security trailer significantly reduced construction theft on our 15-acre site in Houston, Texas. In addition, the combined remote monitoring and advanced technology-assisted construction site management operationally by proactively notifying management of unplanned staff on-site surprises. Camera analytics thermal technology and its robust design made all the difference compared to other systems we’ve used.” 

Brian Evetts, CEO Promontory Insights

remote security surveillance camera

Remote Security Camera with Blue Light

Remote Viewing with Wi-Fi

  • Easy to install and easy to maintain
  • High definition video (up to 1080p)
  • 4G LTE, 3G, Wi-Fi and IP connectivity
  • Remotely access live and recorded footage via smartphone, tablet, PC
  • Receive text & email alerts
  • Remote camera configuration
  • Up to 4TB internal storage
  • 2MP day/night/IR camera
  • High-speed live streaming
  • Built-in auto-tracking camera presets
  • Low light capability
  • Advance video AI analytics
  • High-speed live streaming – up to 25 FPS
  • 110 AC power or solar
  • Move from location to location
video surveillance security pole camera

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