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Video Surveillance Security,
Pole Cameras & Mobile Trailers

Add temporary or long-term video surveillance security cameras to your construction sites, parking lots, storage facilities, remote utility infrastructure locations and more. Protecting your property from vandalism and theft can literally be done in a matter of minutes with our mobile video surveillance security pole cameras and travel-anywhere, remote surveillance security camera trailers. Available for rent or purchase.

We are the top provider of video surveillance security camera trailers in the St. Louis, Central and Southern Illinois region.

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Preventing Crime Before it Happens with LIVE Video Monitoring

Watching surveillance video footage of criminals stealing from your business the day after the crime is of little help to you. Instead, our remote pole security cameras and mobile security camera trailers offer the option of LIVE monitoring at an alarm central station, in real time, to catch criminals in the act. View video footage on your phone in real time, receive text alerts, have police dispatched within minutes.

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Remote Video Surveillance
Security Camera Trailer

Security Camera Trailers for Lease or Purchase

Our rugged Mobile Video Surveillance Security Camera Trailers are all-in-one, autonomous solar-powered units that can be transported virtually anywhere with a car or truck and rapidly deployed in less than 30 minutes. Our mobile security camera trailers are perfect for construction site surveillance, large parking areas, storage facilities or off-the-grid locations on a temporary or permanent basis. No electrical hookup needed!

Our portable security trailers are rugged and take just minutes to deploy on location, whether that be in the immediate St. Louis area, Illinois or outlying areas.

Security Camera Trailer Features

  • All-in-one, easy to deploy in less than 30 minutes
  • Compact and easy to transport by car or truck
  • 600 Watt Solar System with 8 AGM Batteries for longer life span
  • 4G LTE, 3G, Wi-Fi connectivity
  • High-definition video with virtual 360 degree surveillance
  • Up to IP 4 cameras – choose from License plate camera, thermal, PTZ or time lapse
  • Full remote configuration
  • Time-lapse video ready
  • Telescoping 20 foot camera pole for overhead visual coverage
  • Low light capability
  • IR capability
  • Siren capability
  • Alert notification capability
  • On-board GPS Locators for peace of mind and video location verification

Hear What Customers Are Saying About Our Mobile Trailer

“During an 18-month construction project at the Art Museum, PASS Security’s mobile security trailer significantly reduced construction theft on our 15-acre site in Houston, Texas. In addition, the combined remote monitoring and advanced technology-assisted construction site management operationally by proactively notifying management of unplanned staff on-site surprises. Camera analytics thermal technology and its robust design made all the difference compared to other systems we’ve used.” 
Brian Evetts, CEO Promontory Insights
Wcctv Mobile Surveillance Security Camera Trailer With Solar Panels Pass Security

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Mobile IR Rapid Deployment
Pole Cameras

Maintain Worksite and Community Safety

PASS Security Mobile IR Rapid Deployment pole surveillance cameras are specifically designed for remote (not attached to a building) video surveillance applications, delivering live and recorded high-definition images via 4G LTE networks. Uses 110 AC electrical supply.

Made in the USA, these uniquely engineered security cameras have proven their value time and again in cost savings and crime prevention for our customers throughout the St. Louis area, Central and Southern, Illinois, including the Mt. Vernon Police Department and the City of Florissant.

The perfect surveillance security solution, engineered with advanced video AI analytics software, a 4G IR Mini Dome security camera combining infrared PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) camera, video recording capacity up to 4TB, and wireless transmission into a single, lightweight unit that is easy to deploy, easy to maintain, and can be easily moved to different locations to meet your changing needs.

  • High definition video (up to 1080p)
  • 4G LTE, 3G, Wi-Fi and IP connectivity
  • Remote access to live and recorded footage via smartphone, tablet, PC, etc.
  • Easy to install and easy to maintain
  • Up to 4TB internal storage
  • 2MP day/night/IR camera
  • High-speed live streaming – up to 25 FPS
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Place Pole Cameras & Mobile Security Camera Trailers Virtually Anywhere

PASS Security Remote Video Surveillance is ideally suited for off-the-grid and temporary locations throughout the St. Louis metro region, Central and Southern Illinois. Easy to transport, quick to deploy. Wherever, whenever. No need to purchase, rent them on a monthly basis.


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Mobile 4G Covert Security Camera

Discreet Wireless Video Surveillance for Covert Operations

Our PASS Security Mobile 4G Covert Security Camera is a remote video surveillance camera disguised as a common utility box. Perfect for police drug sting operations, construction site surveillance, parking lots, government buildings, hospitals, schools and more. Can be mounted to telephone or electrical light poles to blend with environment. Delivers LIVE video feed and records via 4G LTE.

Another quality offering from PASS Security’s Mobile Video Surveillance Division, the 4G Covert video security camera is an all-in-one, portable workhorse, combining a high definition PTZ camera (pan, tilt, zoom), local recording capacity (up to 4TB) and wireless transmission technology into a single, lightweight unit that is easy to install, easy to maintain, and can be moved to new locations to meet your changing requirements.

The system is ideal for rapid deployment and requires minimal supporting infrastructure for operation, allowing user to benefit from fixed-power, walk-away ease of set up.

Reduce Police Department Manpower

When the need for added security is paramount and budgets are stretched, the G4 Covert security camera is the perfect choice without compromise. Police departments use this model to augment a shortage of police officers and security personnel. This high-tech extra set of eyes can be utilized for multiple remote video surveillance applications in crime hotspots and areas associated with graffiti, illegal dumping, violence, general disorder, gang culture and drug dealing.

Features & Benefits:

  • HD Video
  • 4G, 3G, and Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Day/Night Camera
  • Remote Access to Video and Remote Control of PTZ
  • Low Power Usage
  • ONVIF compatible

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