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Wireless Access Control Door Lock System

If you’re a builder, developer or architect, think battery-powered keyless entry door locks for multi-family apartment new construction projects or reuse, mixed-use historic restoration. Traditional and time-consuming cabling deadbolt systems are not necessary for interior doors when you go with an all-in-one wireless, keyless SMART system like Salto for apartment buildings, which means faster and easier installation, and at a sizable cost savings to you! 50 apartment units? No problem. 500 apartment units? No problem. We’ll handle it for you.

The secret is in the card, not the lock, that’s where all information is stored and auditable adn trackable, NOT in the locking hardware. A HUGE money saver in the long run. For ultimate convenience, our Salto door locks can be triggered by a swipe card, key fob, smartphone or even a wrist band!

We Simplify the Building or Restoration Process

Installing door security hardware for multi-family apartment housing typically involves hardware vendors, security companies, installation subcontractors, stacks of contracts, purchase orders, change orders and lots and lots of scheduling. But who makes all the moving parts…well…MOVE?!

PASS Security handles every step when it comes to apartment entry door locks for your building. We work with architects and builders from the start to design the system, supply the hardware, install and maintain. Not too many commercial business security companies in St. Louis can make that claim when it comes to multi-family apartment housing construction. Throughout the process, from Estimating to Installation & Service, we are your Partner – helping you make the best choices for your project.


A Security Partner You Can Trust

As a top commercial business security provider in the St. Louis Metro region, Central
and Southern Illinois since 1969, we have long-established partnerships with many of the industry’s leading enterprise-level security product and technology suppliers, including: Software House, Avigilon, AMAG, MARCH Networks, Salto, RS2 and others.

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Each of our PASS Security advisors has years of security system design experience, not only with construction companies, developers, design & build, and architectural firms, but schools and universities, hospitals, city municipalities, police departments, government agencies, energy companies in the St. Louis area.

multifamily housing access control wireless door lock hardware
Hit your completion date with easy-to-install Salto wireless door security hardware.

Keep Construction Projects on Schedule & Save Money with Wireless Interior Door Hardware

  • High-tech keyless security – No more expensive hardware changes or rekeying
  • Instant lockdown and intrusion detection
  • Tenants can even use their smartphones to unlock doors
  • Easily scalable for multiple buildings
  • Ease of operation for owner/management
  • Lost cards easily replaced
  • Access privileges for former staff or tenants easily canceled
  • Limit accessibility of tenants, staff or visitors to specific areas of the building
  • Establish specific access times of tenants, staff or visitors

We Design, Install and Maintain Door Security Systems

pass security multifamily access control system

Watch the Salto System in Action – You’ll Never Go Back

XS4 Mini Wireless Door Hardware

  • Elegant Designer Finishes
  • Easy to Install – Time & Money Saver
  • New Installations or Retrofits
  • Card Swipe, Key Fob, Wristband or Phone
  • All Information Stored on Card

Salto’s Wireless Real-Time Access Control System

  • Instant Lockdown
  • Intrusion Alarm
  • Remote Door Opening by Admin
  • Restrict Access to Certain Areas
  • Instant Card Cancellation

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