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Make Your City Safer with Video Monitoring and Surveillance

Public safety is Job One for every city. It doesn’t matter what your role or job title is, you have a responsibility to your citizens that you take very seriously.

More and more cities, including those in our St. Louis and Metro East area, are turning to video monitoring and surveillance systems to increase public safety while maximizing their existing budget. Video monitoring and video security camera surveillance systems can increase public safety in three ways:

  • Deterring dangerous or illegal behavior
  • Providing real-time information to first responders
  • Documenting incidents that do occur for subsequent prosecution and restitution

video surveillance camera Mt. Vernon Illinois water towerDeterrence: Stopping Bad Things Before They Start

If you’ve worked with the public for any amount of time, you know the unfortunate fact that certain people can behave badly, including theft and vandalism. And some people — especially in large groups and public spaces — can behave so recklessly and irresponsibly that they put themselves and others in danger.

Many of those people, however, can be dissuaded from their dangerous or illegal behaviors if they know someone’s watching. People that like to steal things really don’t like getting caught. When would-be thieves know their actions will be captured on video, they’re far less inclined to attempt theft. And people who act recklessly because they feel anonymous in a crowd will restrain themselves under the watchful eye of a police officer.

That’s why the real power of a good Video Monitoring and Video Surveillance Security Camera systems come from highly-visible, strategically placed cameras.

Real-time Monitoring: More Information Leads to a More Effective Response

Public safety officers have a difficult, demanding, and sometimes dangerous job. It’s their responsibility to maintain and restore order. Ask any officer and they’ll tell you that one of the most challenging aspects of their job is walking into unknown situations.  

When you add video monitoring and security camera surveillance to select areas of your city, you give your first responders — police officers, firefighters, and EMTs — the ability to respond to situations more effectively.  For example, a multiple-vehicle accident might be a simple fender-bender, or it might be a horrendous crash that requires an ambulance. Is the man acting strangely in the park just eccentric, or does he pose an active threat to himself or others? When your public safety officers have a clear visual of what they’re walking into, they can respond quickly and appropriately. This is safer for your citizens and safer for your officers.        

Documentation: This Will go on Your Permanent Record

It’s true that video monitoring & security camera surveillance systems serve as a powerful deterrent to vandalism, theft, and other illegal behavior. However, it’s also true that “you can’t fix stupid.” So when certain members of the public steal, damage property, or injure someone, a video monitoring and surveillance system can provide valuable evidence to assist in successfully prosecuting lawbreakers — or defending your municipality against unwarranted legal action.

Learn More About Video Monitoring and Surveillance

Obviously, there are no magic potions or silver bullets when it comes to public safety. However, through a combination of deterrence, monitoring, and documentation,  a video monitoring & surveillance system can make your city a safer place to live and work. If you’re curious about what it takes to add a video monitoring and surveillance system, our Strategic Account Manager, Brad Pickett, is happy to answer them.  Or you can download our free guide to video monitoring and surveillance for municipalities. 

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