Access Control can come with a variety of added integrations and capabilities (for more on this visit our page), but not every organization needs this level of security. If you’re looking for an inexpensive, stand-alone Access Control solution that has everything you need and nothing you don’t, our Salto option is perfect for you.

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Improving Security
While Increasing Convenience

No Key, No Problem
Grant or Remove Employee Access

One of the biggest benefits of Salto Access Control is that it entirely removes keys from your business equation. You don’t need to worry about collecting keys from employees who have moved on from your business or changing your locks after losing a key. Our Salto solution allows you to quickly and easily grant, revoke, or otherwise adjust the permissions of a specific card. No matter what changes your business goes through, you’ll be able to handle your access needs with ease.

Salto Keyfobs

Salto Key-fob and mobile app

Set up a new key card or fob for a new employee or guest

Revoke the access of a leaving employee or guest

Set employee permissions based on schedule, location, or role

Easily Separate Employee Zones
from Customer Zones

Every business has areas that are only meant for employee use, but with a lock and key system, it can be hard to differentiate these zones from customer zones. For example, your building might be broken up into three sections: the service floor, the administrative offices, and the production area. With a lock and key system, you would have to keep doors to your administrative offices and production areas locked. If an employee needed to travel from either of these areas to the service floor, they would have to unlock and lock the door. An employee forgetting to lock the door even once could have disastrous results for your business. A Salto Access Control System eliminates the risk of customers gaining access to areas where they don’t belong. Employees can swipe their cards to enter different sections of the building without needing to worry about locking doors behind them.

Keep customers out of important and dangerous facility areas

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Allow your employees to move through your facility with ease

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Deter potential thieves

Monitor Access Data

Salto Access Control from PASS Security allows you to see who is accessing your facility and when. This allows you to keep accurate time stamps of employee hours, make sure that your business is opening and closing on time, and see which areas of your business are in use at specific times. This knowledge can lead to important insights about facility utilization that can help you save money on energy use.

Keep a timestamp of employee entry and exit

See which parts of your facility are used most and when

Make important facility decisions based on usage data

Salto Works Great for…


Easily make key cards for guests that grant them access to only their rooms and expire when they are supposed to check out.


Keep a tight lock on areas where important and potentially dangerous supplies are stored without inconveniencing staff members.


Ensure the safety of your students and faculty by keeping all doors locked during school hours and having guests gain access through one secure entry point where their identities can be verified.


Give your employees easy access to multiple entry points without taking on the risk of a key falling into the wrong hands. You can remove access from a card, but not from a key.

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