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Spring Cleaning Keep Your Home Safe and Secure

  1. Invest in a Monitored Home Security System

If you’re looking to reduce some vulnerability, think about a monitored home security system — which can help protect your loved ones, property, and belongings — it’s an effective way to regain peace of mind. Some insurance providers will reduce you homeowner’s premium for installing a monitored home security system. That’s because homes protected by security systems are less likely to be burglarized.

  1. Put up Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Fortunately, working smoke detectors can go a long way toward helping prevent tragedy — and they’re inexpensive. Basic home smoke detectors sell for about $5 each, while more sophisticated models start at roughly $20. Don’t forget about carbon monoxide (CO), which can also put your family at risk.  A mid-range model costs approximately $20.  Also do some research and you can find combination Smoke and Carbon monoxide detectors.

  1. Replace Worn Locks with Keyless Entry Smart Locks

Installing a smart lock on your front door can further enhance the security of your home’s entry point. With a smart lock, you’ll never have to risk hiding a key under a mat or worry about handing a spare out to household workers. Instead, you’ll enjoy the security and convenience of locking or unlocking the door remotely, right from your phone.

  1. Secure Your Valuables in a Safe

When it comes to size, technology, and price, safes vary quite a bit. A drawer safe , which costs about $40, may be all you need to store jewelry, money, and other small valuables.

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