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What is a Duress Button and is it Right for You?

What is a Duress Button?

A duress button (also known as a panic button or panic alarm button) is an electronic device designed to assist in alerting somebody in emergency situations where a threat to persons or property exists. A panic alarm system is frequently but not always controlled by a concealed panic alarm button. These buttons can be connected to a monitoring center or locally via a silent alarm or an audible bell/siren. The alarm can be used to request emergency assistance from local security, police or emergency services. Some systems can also activate closed-circuit television to record or assess the event. Many duress buttons lock on when pressed and may require a key to reset them. (Wikipedia)

Where are Duress Buttons used?

Duress buttons are used in many situations. They are used in homes, hospitals, taxi’s, restaurants, business offices, and many other places. Duress buttons are used in case of any type of emergency. For example: you are in danger of being harmed, someone close by may be in danger, a medical emergency, or any emergency where a first responder is required.

Things to Consider

  •  A duress button is only as reliable as the person using it. Place panic buttons in a safe location away from people who might abuse it. Explain to all family members and employees how and when to use the duress button.
  •  Evaluate the current emergency response for your home or office. Who is in charge until help arrives? Who is the point of contact for emergency personnel?
  •  Some duress button systems are monitored by security companies and some alert security within the same building only. Make sure you know the difference and choose what’s right for you.

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