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The Fight Against COVID – Is Your School Prepared?

We can help you protect students and staff this school year to win the fight against COVID and the Delta variant.

Our thermal imaging technology enables you to screen individuals for high body temperature in a nonintrusive manner. A signal can be sent when a person with an above-average temperature reading is detected and their body temperature is displayed on the screen for verification.

* Thermal imaging systems generally detect a high body temperature accurately when used appropriately. They do not detect any other infection symptoms, and many people with COVID-19 can be contagious without a fever. Also, a high body temperature does not necessarily mean a person has a COVID-19 infection. A secondary means of gauging a person’s body temperature is recommended to verify an above normal temperature.

Government ESSER Funding Available For Your School

Right now is a great opportunity to update your school’s Video Surveillance Security Camera and Access Control Systems.

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H4 Thermal Elevated
Temperature Detection (ETD)

  • Detects elevated body temperature
  • Temperature displayed on screen
  • Non-contact temperature monitoring
  • Visual alert for quick response

Put this new technology to work at your school to help stop the spread of COVID and its variants.

Thermal Elevated Temperature Detection Download

The fight against COVID is up to all of us.

Contact us today to schedule an onsite evaluation of your facility to see how this technology can work for you and your students.

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