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Must-Have Security Products Offered By St Louis Commercial Security Companies

Investing in a quality security system should be a priority if you run a business, regardless of its size or of the value of the materials and equipment you store in your building. The right security system will protect your equipment, supplies, customers and employees besides giving you peace of mind.

Here are four solutions you should consider using as part of your security system:

Video Surveillance

A video surveillance system is easy to maintain and the benefits are endless. Designing a customized video surveillance system is very easy for PASS Security, a St Louis commercial security company and this security product gives you the possibility to keep an eye on what is going on inside of your building at all times. Besides, the presence of a video surveillance system is often enough to deter intruders as well as theft from employees.  The presence of a camera is an efficient deterrent as well.

Access Control

An access control system is a device that allows you to filter who gets in your building. This security device requires you to issue magnetic cards to anyone who needs to have access to your building. You can also have an internal access control system to restrict access to certain areas of your business, such as your server room.

Video Verification

A wireless video intrusion verification system is a security device designed to protect places that would be hard to secure with traditional equipment. This device includes motion sensors that trigger a camera if something is detected. If there is movement, the video verification system will send a short video clip to your monitoring service will allow a quick response from the authorities in the event there is an unauthorized break in.


Sensors such as motion detectors, door / window sensors and glass break sensors are the best option to detect and quickly react to an intrusion. These sensors can be easily installed around your building and will trigger a response from your security service if something happens.  The presence of sensors can be enough to deter some break-ins and will bring you peace of mind.

You should at PASS Security if you need help with protecting your business.

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We understand that each industry and business is unique. This is why we take the time to meet with our customers face to face, discuss their security concerns and conduct a site evaluation. Security technology is constantly evolving and improving, so communicating to you the benefits and options of different security components is critical. We are more than your business security provider, we are your security partner.

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