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Finding St. Louis Commercial Security Companies with Manual and Automatic Features

When you’re looking for St. Louis commercial security companies, it’s important to find a company that has both manual and automatic security monitoring features. Here are some examples for these types of features.

Panic Buttons

Obviously you want security systems to be able to handle passive monitoring for you as well so that they can detect threats when you aren’t around or when you don’t happen to notice them, but it also helps if a security service allows you to take a little manual control as well.

After all, you never know when you or someone in your company will perceive a threat that might be missed by passive monitoring systems. In this case, employees should be able to warn everyone else in the building, security, and the police with just one button.

This is especially the case during the day when people are supposed to be in the building, since a security monitoring service isn’t going to instantly know that someone inside has issued a threat unless they’re informed of it with a panic button.

They can then take steps to contact the police and help in other ways while letting their panic button system do its job.

Intrusion Detection Systems and Sirens

Nothing simultaneously scares off would-be intruders and informs nearby people of a problem quite like a siren. Motion detectors, door contacts and general intrusion detection systems are often made more effective when connected to sirens.

Not only does this make it obvious to everyone in an area what’s going on, it will also often solve intruder problems all by itself by making them decide that further intrusion isn’t worth it.

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