Security Cameras

Now you can know beyond a doubt that your home and the people are in it are safe and secure.

Convenience Cameras – A window into your home.

Have you ever wanted to see what’s going on in your home while you are away? Wished you could see if the kids got home from school okay or are behaving for the babysitter? Or wanted to see how your furry friend is fairing without you? Maybe you wonder how your elderly relative is getting along? With a convenience camera, you can put all of those worries to rest and see for yourself that the people and places you love are safe and secure.

Convenience Camera Features:

  • Watch live 1080p HD video from cameras on your mobile device
  • Receive optional video clips automatically when your home security camera senses motion
  • View stored video clips from your cameras
  • Motion & intelligent sound detection
  • High definition wide-angle view
  • Smartphone integrated
  • Night vision mode
  • Adjustable alert zones
Convenience Cameras

Video Surveillance Cameras – High quality recordings.

Don’t think about video surveillance just as security cameras, monitors, and video recorders. Think of it as another set of eyes watching over your home all the time. Keeping an eye out for the things that are most important to you while serving as a deterrent for unwanted activity, reducing vandalism and theft. Our surveillance systems offer extremely high resolution options such as 4MP, 8MP (4K) and even higher based on what your trying to accomplish and what kind of budget you’re working with. Choosing the right camera system for your home is is critical. That’s where the camera experts at PASS Security can help.

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