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The Positive Benefits Of St Louis Video Verification For Your Small Business

In today’s modern world, it is sometimes difficult to determine the latest technologies that are most important for you and your business. Do you really need a car that has Internet access when you have a phone and tablet that can access the Internet? You wonder if you should spend the extra money to upgrade your smart phone just because the new ones are a little larger. One of the best upgrades you can add is a St Louis video verification for your small business alarm system. Here are just a few of the best benefits.


False Alarms

A stray baseball or a wandering animal might accidental set off your company’s alarm. An employee might stop by to finish up a project they are working on for the company. Video verification allows a live person at your alarm company to be notified and be able to view video clips based off an event to ensure you have an intruder before the authorities are notified. In a matter of a few seconds, your alarm company will verify the intrusion and sound the alarm, dispatching police and security to your business with a higher priority since it was verified by video. You will not need to worry about fines associated with false alarms.


The video verification system is wireless and can be placed wherever you think you need extra coverage. Even the best systems can have areas that are harder to see than others. If you decide you need it somewhere else, relocating the camera is a simple matter. This unit is weatherproof and can even be used outside no matter the weather.

Better Chance Of Apprehension

When this alarm goes off, it sends 10 seconds of video feed to the alarm company. An central station specialist will immediately look at the footage and determine if there is suspicious activity. After determining there is an intruder that shouldn’t be there, the alarm company will call the police and let them know that there is video verification of an intruder or unauthorized activity. The local police will take this more seriously than a regular alarm call.

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