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Four things everyone should know about St. Louis Home Security

The safety and security of your home and family is always your top concern. From home invasions to fire, water and carbon monoxide, the potential threats are all around. You’ve worked hard to get to where you are in life and protecting what you have is more important than ever. When it comes to St. Louis, MO home security, there are four main things that you should be aware of.

Home Invasion

You may not realize it, but the majority of home invasions occur during the day while people are at work. The majority of criminals aren’t willing to break in while you’re home, they’ll wait until you’re gone and then sneak in. Locking all the doors and windows is one way to protect your home, but it may not be enough. The truth is, locks only keep out honest people and criminals will always find a way in. What’s more, homes without a security system are more likely to experience a break in. A professionally installed security system that alerts you to any suspicious activity will set your mind at ease and protect your property.

Fire Damage

One of the most devastating adversaries that one can encounter is a house fire. According to the National Fire Protection Association, there were more than 365,000 home fires in 2012. A fire could render your home unlivable or, worse yet, could cause harm or injury to anyone inside. Not only that, but a fire can drive you from your home, leaving you to sift through the ashes to start all over again. Fire moves quickly, but professionally installed smoke detectors and alarms provide an early warning that will keep you safe.

Water Damage

Water is one of the most damaging forces on the planet and it can also wreak serious havoc on your home. A leaking water heater or pipe that bursts, releases water that gets absorbed by woodwork, flooring, drywall and anything else it comes in contact with. If you’re not aware of a leak because either you’re not home or it’s located in a part of the house you don’t usually go in, it can be devastating. One way to avoid this is to have flood sensors installed that notify you and an outside security company of the potential problem.

Carbon Monoxide

Colorless, odorless and deadly these are the words used to describe one of the most frightening of all threats. In just fifteen minutes, exposure to carbon monoxide can kill an adult. Natural gas furnaces, wood stoves and gas appliances are all potential contributors to carbon monoxide build-up. Carbon monoxide detectors alert you to increased levels of the gas so that you can get somewhere safe and notify the authorities.

A professionally installed home security system equipped with alarms and video cameras will create a much more secure environment for you and your family. Many systems also have remote access and notifications to alert you to a problem no matter where you are. Contact us to discuss home security options that are best for you and your family.

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