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Features to Look for in St Louis Home Automation Companies

If you’re looking for a nearby St Louis home automation company PASS Security can not only keep your home safe but also turn your home into a connected home. When researching a company there are a few to keep in mind as you research a company to help streamline your life while at home or away giving your peace of mind.

Mobile Compatibility

One thing that makes home security solutions much easier is if you can control them with a mobile device. This way you can lock or unlock your system from any mobile device without needing to having to be in front of the keypad that controls your system.

There are a number of different situations where this is useful. Here are a few examples.

  • You Forgot to Lock Up – Have you ever left your home and couldn’t remember if you locked the front door? Those days are long gone!  With PASS Security’s home automation you can lock any of the connected doors to your house remotely.
  • Give Access to Friends – If you need to give temporary access to a friend or family member while you are away it can be done with ease.
  • Possible Break-ins – In the event that your alarm system goes off while you are away instant notifications to your mobile phone can help you determine if there is a real break in or not.  If you have cameras installed with your system you can log onto them and see what’s happening in real time reducing the risk for false alarms.
  • No Need to Fumble With Keys – When coming home it may be dark outside and you may not want to fumble with keys. Have you ever left home and wondered if you locked your front door?  By simply logging into your alarm system remotely your doors can be locked or unlocked.


All-Inclusive Systems

A home automation and security system from PASS gives you the flexibility with a system to set a certain temperature by the time you arrive, having your lights turned on or off, control the locks and much, much more.

It would be inconvenient and expensive to try doing each of these things separately. That’s why it’s useful to look for companies that do it all together. This could even include automation for various other household appliances as well.

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