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4 Benefits of Integrating Your Business Security System

PASS Security, a St Louis commercial security company understands the value of having an integrated security system that simplifies your security challenges.  This post will explain four benefits to integrating your system.

As a business, you probably employ a range of security services to keep the enterprise safe after work. Yet too many businesses have a separate solution for building monitoring and access control. Now St Louis commercial security companies offer ways to integrate all of these critical business security systems in one package. Four of the benefits you’ll see when doing so include the following:

  1. Add-on features you don’t have – With a bundled security system, you may be able to add on a feature, such as CCTV monitoring, that you do not presently have. This can be an inexpensive way to add a new component you’ve been considering for some time, or to address a known hole in your security system.
  2. Central panel monitoring – If you have a separate motion detector, door alarm, and surveillance camera, monitoring the feedback from all systems can take a long time. When everything goes through one central system, you can quickly take a look at things. Enjoy greater security and more peace of mind with less oversight.
  3. Business management add-ons – Add-ons that allow you to perform remote facility opening and closing can make it easier to manage the business from far away. This can be advantageous when your business has multiple locations, since top-level management cannot be in multiple places at once.
  4. Cost savings – Finally, many commercial enterprises realize a cost savings by trusting in one security systems provider for all of their business security needs. Businesses can cancel existing service contracts and pay one price to bundle together services and receive the highest possible level of building security. Businesses can choose from the base-level plan, or add additional functionalities as they deem fit.

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