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Wondering if You Should Reprogram Your Existing Business Security System? Yes, You Should!

As a small business owner with the perfect retail spot your store may be in the right place for a steady flow of traffic to come in and out of your facility. Being close to the bank and having easy access for your suppliers to pull their trucks around back of the store with ease are added benefits. You may have an existing security system already in place.  Is it being used? Is the system providing you with the information needed for your business? If your existing system doesn’t than consider reprogramming your existing system with PASS Security.

We don’t have to explain the benefits and advantages of video and audio monitoring, but here are a few anyway:

  •        Theft reduction
  •        Protection from fraudulent claims
  •        Keeping employees honest
  •        Warn those up to no good not to bother with your store


The less you have to worry about security, the more you can concentrate on growing your brand and making your small business a big business.

Stuff Happens

While the store is closed, natural disasters as well as man-made ones could strike and they cannot be predicted. For example, tornadoes impacted the lower Southern states during November when tornado season should have been over. Flash flooding happens sometimes during torrential rains. High winds knock down power lines, leaving you without lights. You get the picture. While the lights are out, your store is vulnerable. However, with security monitoring, you’re goo d to go.

PASS Security covers businesses in St. Louis and surrounding areas including Illinois. The company can incorporate its cutting-edge technology with your existing system for seamless security you can monitor remotely. You may choose access management which will allow you to know who is in your store at all times.

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We understand that each industry and business is unique. This is why we take the time to meet with our customers face to face, discuss their security concerns and conduct a site evaluation. Security technology is constantly evolving and improving, so communicating to you the benefits and options of different security components is critical. We are more than your business security provider, we are your security partner.

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