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PASS Security Recommends Where to Install Cameras

As part of a comprehensive security plan, closed circuit TV (CCTV) camera can reveal shoplifters in your retail area or deter vandalism in the company parking lot. The bigger your business, the more of these cameras you’re going to need. Consider installing them in these locations.

Cash Register – The obvious choice for a camera because this is where most thefts can occur. Recordings can reveal not only brazen holdups by strangers but more surreptitious skimming by employees. They can also show any issues with customers during purchases, returns, or complaints.

Sales Floor – If you have a store, most activity occurs on the sales floor, so it makes sense to install a camera there. It can make customers feel safer, spy on shoplifters, and reveal phony slip-and-fall accidents designed to extract money from your business.

Entry/Exit – Another obvious choice for a camera, especially when your business is attended, because thieves typically enter through your doors. Included coverage for windows that are large enough for people to break into.

Computer Room – If your business depends on information processing for survival (and what business doesn’t), a camera can protect your hardware and software. It can reveal those who try to hack into your system, the progress of physical problems like overloaded circuits, or theft of hardware.

Storage Areas – If inventory is disappearing inexplicably, it may be happening in your storage areas because they are typically unoccupied. A camera deters dishonest employees from reaching into boxes and helping themselves when nobody is looking.

Parking Lot – A camera in your parking lot impartially documents accidents involving customer cars or your delivery vehicles. In addition, criminals may use vehicles for quick getaways after breaking into your business.

For more information on where to put CCTV cameras or how to improve your security, please contact us.