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Time for Summer Fun!

PASS Security wants you to enjoy, but also be on guard

Picnics, festivals, friends, family and lots of sunscreen. PASS Security wishes you all the best these coming summer months and hopes you enjoy the warm weather and all it brings. But unfortunately with the solstice come door-to-door alarm sales, known in the industry as summer door knocker campaigns. And you should be aware that some of these firms are using deceptive marketing, advertising and scams to convince you to change your security service provider, or switch out your equipment. Some of these door knockers will attempt to have your equipment unnecessarily replaced, claiming it’s not the latest technology or won’t protect you and your family. Others will try to have you sign a contract with another provider. The most unscrupulous may mislead you and lie–telling you that your current provider has gone out of business–or they are there to upgrade the equipment. They may even go as far as stating there are representing alarm control panel manufacturers. The first rule of thumb is to check for identification and never let anyone unannounced into your home. If your city or town requires permits for this type of activity, ask to see the documentation and if they don’t have it, immediately call your city representative or the local police. The second rule of thumb after you’ve shut the door is to call PASS Security. We want to help you through this and want to know when and where these activities are occurring. PASS Security will never visit your home or office without scheduling and confirming a visit. And we have installed the latest equipment and upgraded it as necessary, so you have the most up-to-date systems solutions for your residence or business. We also provide state-of-the-art professional monitoring services at reasonable and competitive prices so you know if there is an alarm or other alert it will be handled quickly and professionally. The Electronic Security Association, Irving, Texas, has published a release outlining home security tips for summer sales. This article will further explain how you can spot home security scams and what to do.

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