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PASS Security – One of St Louis’ Small Business Alarm Companies

PASS Security, one of St Louis’ small business alarm companies offers top quality security services to commercial businesses, and home owners in St. Louis and surrounding areas. At PASS Security our approach to innovative technology surpasses outdated traditional security measures, which is still in use by other companies.

Our 5 star approach is what separates us from the competition. At PASS Security we offer high-tech security installation and professional monitoring for door / window sensors, carbon monoxide & smoke detectors, motion detectors and video. Customers can watch their property from any location, 24 hours per day, even from their smart phone.

We offer new and service existing systems from popular brand name systems like ADT, Honeywell, 2GIG, GE, DSC and many others. We offer Z-Wave technology, which is one of the newest technologies for home and business security, which creates a connected home or business environment. At PASS Security we place great emphasis on security, and on meeting the needs of customers in the St. Louis area. We secure businesses with such systems as door intercom, access control panels, surveillance cameras, motion sensor detectors and high-powered burglar alarms.

For more than 40 years our professional staff of security installers and high performance technicians have performed simple to complex tasks that have met or exceeded our customer’s expectations.

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