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Should I Use a DIY Alarm System

Should I Use a DIY Alarm System
While researching home security system options, you’ve probably come across DIY alarm systems. The promise of cheaper installation seems to be an obvious upside and there are an increasing number of kits on the market that boast advanced technology. However, going the DIY route could actually end up costing you as much or more than a security system that’s installed and monitored by a professional company.
A home security system can protect your family and your home, giving you greater safety and peace of mind. Unfortunately, a DIY installation can actually jeopardize all of that for a number of reasons we’ll examine below.

Installation Woes
In order for a security system to do its job, it needs to be installed perfectly. Installations are complex and they take time to do everything correctly. Having just one part of the system incorrectly installed could jeopardize the whole system and your family’s safety.

Monitoring Issues
Most trustworthy, reputable security systems won’t provide monitoring for a DIY security system because it’s a big liability issue for them – since they cannot guarantee that the system was installed correctly, they don’t want to be responsible if it malfunctions.

If you can find a security company that will provide monitoring, you may not get all the help and support that you would with a professionally installed system.For instance, many companies simply contact you if your alarm has been tripped. You then are responsible for altering emergency personnel, which means an intruder has more time in your home before the authorities arrive.

Higher Pricing in the Long Run
The DIY installation kit isn’t always the full price you’ll pay to protect your home. You may end up having additional costs for a monitoring agreement.In addition, since you aren’t purchasing a bundled, comprehensive security system, the individual DIY equipment pieces are often more expensive.

Often, DIY alarm systems catch your attention with low prices, but then they come with just the minimum amount of basic equipment. If you want to protect all of your windows or doors, have backup batteries, panic buttons or other common security features, you will probably be spending even more money.

DIY Now and Later
With a DIY alarm system, your responsibilities don’t stop after installation. It is also up to you to complete any and all maintenance and repair issues going forward. If you don’t do this ongoing work, your alarm system could fail to provide the protection you need from it.
Professional Installation Has Clear Benefits

At the end of the day, a DIY system may save you a bit of money upfront, but it will end up costing you additional money, time, and effort over time. More importantly, it may not adequately provide the protection you need for your family and your home.

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