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Reprogram Your Existing System To PASS Security

Have you ever called into your security company for any type of service and feel like you’re being ignored or not being treated the way you should be? If you’re looking for a change than call PASS Security today to learn more about reprogramming your existing security system.

PASS Security is taking St. Louis over as one of the leading commercial and residential security companies available. What many people do not realize is that PASS Security can reprogram your existing system to avoid the hassle and costs associated with a new installation and equipment.


Basics of PASS Security Full Service Approach:

  •        All of our employees are highly trained security experts. With our professional 24/7 monitoring you’ll have peace of mind know our staff is actively monitoring what matters most; you and your family.
  •        Once your alarm is triggered, one of our experts is immediately notified at the monitoring center. This is done through an alert system directly from your equipment.
  •        The security operator then instantly contacts you with information on the possible breach.
  •        If there is indeed a breach the appropriate authorities including law enforcement, fire department and EMS are dispatched to your home.
  •        Our monitoring staff will be in constant communication until the alarm is resolved.


What’s Included In The Reprogramming Option:

  •        Free reprogram of your existing security equipment. Our highly trained team is able to reprogram systems from ADT, Interface, Honeywell, DSC and beyond.
  •        Free Inspection of your current alarming system. Only trained technicians will check all working functions of your system.
  •        You will receive an easy to view on-line user manual.
  •        Option to purchase lifetime warranty on all equipment.
  •        24/7 monitoring.
  •        Optional upgrade is available for control using a smartphone or tablet.


The hassle of new equipment and installation is no longer a reason for you to stay with your current security company. PASS Security makes the switch extremely painless with our convenient reprogramming option.

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We understand that each industry and business is unique. This is why we take the time to meet with our customers face to face, discuss their security concerns and conduct a site evaluation. Security technology is constantly evolving and improving, so communicating to you the benefits and options of different security components is critical. We are more than your business security provider, we are your security partner.

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