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No Worries: PASS Security Helps You Keep an Eye on Teens


Stay connected with video, 24/7

Got teenagers or latchkey kids? Keep them safe and secure with the latest video services professionally installed by PASS Security from Honeywell Total Connect™.

As an authorized provider of global Honeywell’s industry-leading Total Connect services, PASS Security can help you keep track of your teenagers or perhaps avoid that after-school party that’s off limits in your home. And video is a critical part of your comprehensive home security solution, adding the needed option of surveillance images to intrusion detection and bolstering the overall level of security at your primary or vacation residence.

With Total Connect video, you can view when your teens or other children come and go, who they are with, and even head off any activities that are unauthorized or dangerous. High-resolution, wireless color cameras blend in seamlessly with your décor and can be placed in many areas inside and out, like entrances, exits and even poised over the liquor cabinet or wine cellar. Use them outdoors overlooking hot tubs or swimming pools, or in the garage or remote building, protecting off-limits vehicles, motorcycles or all-terrain vehicles.

Easy to use

Total Connect video, as part of your intrusion detection system, can easily be programmed to send an immediate, real-time alert of activity captured by the camera to your smartphone, tablet, laptop or other connected device. You’ll see the video of when your teens are coming home and who is accompanying them. With cameras in other areas of the home, such as hallways, you can track where they go, and if others come ringing the doorbell.

Outdoor cameras are also wireless and especially suited for harsh weather so you won’t miss any activity or details. Both indoor and outdoor cameras have functionality such as pan and tilt so you can remotely focus – from your smartphone – on what you want or need to see.

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