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Bring The Internet of Things to Home Security

Home security is more than burglar alarms in this era of big data. Vastly increased capacity in modern cloud server networks, almost universal wireless internet coverage, and deep cost reduction for digital cameras and sensors as well as computer bandwidth have brought a six-fold increase in the volume of connected devices in the last ten years. Changes in the way IP internet addresses are being assigned has enabled billions of devices to have their own internet addresses, bringing about a vast internet of things. Home security is one of the first practical applications of the internet of things.

If you have a smart mobile phone or a mobile device like a tablet, you can participate in this connection with the world and be connected with your home security and be connected from virtually anywhere in the world.

Z-Wave is a system of relative low frequency transmission invented by a Swedish start-up company called Zen-Sys, now distributed internationally. The system enables devices in your home or office to interact, but doesn’t interfere with your home’s Wi-Fi. It can be installed in your TV controllers, thermostats, automated door locks, window covering motors, garage door openers, refrigeration, home monitoring cameras and alarm systems making them all remote-controllable and securely connected through the internet to your computer and mobile devices.  You can manage all of these and much more from virtually any location. The need for wiring throughout your home is no longer needed.

With Z-Wave based home security, you can keep track of your home from anywhere. You can lock or unlock your doors. You can supervise your baby sitter on a nanny cam and be assured your children are being taken care of while you are out. Ever leave and not remember whether your garage is closed?  Now you don’t have to ever wonder by being able to open and close your garage door remotely. You can dim down the lights or turn them on and off. You can control the heat. You can set up comfort scenarios for bedtime, movie night, or romantic dinners where light and ambiance are automatically made just right.

In the metropolitan St. Louis area, PASS Security offers Z-Wave based systems to bring your home or office into the new era.

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