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Our Assets Can Reduce Your Legal Liabilities

We live in an ever-increasing litigious society. It’s an unfortunate fact of life that companies — especially profitable companies — are often the targets of frivolous or unjustified legal claims.

If your company is threatened with legal action, you need more than just your word against theirs. Our video monitoring & surveillance system records invaluable visual evidence if you are ever faced with a lawsuit or workman’s comp claim. Did you know police departments rely less on eyewitness testimonies and more and more on video footage. Images don’t lie.

Facility Damage Claims

When a terminal suffers damage it is understandable that the facility makes a claim. However, if your vessel was not at fault, your insurance shouldn’t have to pay for it. With our security camera system, you will have the supporting visual evidence you need to refute those claims.

Vessel Damage Claims

In many ways, a port is like a parking lot, and just a parking lot, vessels occasionally collide. If another vessel damages one of yours, you will be relieved that you have our camera system in place.

Cargo Loss or Damage Claims

Theft, vandalism, and accidental damage are all too common on our inland waterways. PASS Security’s surveillance system provides tangible proof that your crew and vessel were not at fault.

Comp Injury Claims

Protect your company against fraudulent injury claims, unjust legal decisions and crippling financial settlements. Sooner or later, it happens to virtually every company, an employee files a fraudulent workman’s comp claim. Fortunately, questionable workplace injury claims can be easily refuted when you have recorded video as foolproof evidence against that claim.

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