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St. Louis Home Automation Companies Discuss The Benefits Of Home Automation

In today’s modern world, you find new tech gadgets everyday that are designed to make your life easier. It has become difficult to know which products you need and the ones that are just excessive and expensive. From cars with their own Internet connection to smart watches, there is something new almost weekly. Perhaps, you have been hearing a lot about home automation recently and wondered how it would benefit your home and family. St. Louis home automation companies can provide you with many advantages in monitoring your home and essential systems. Here are some important features and the benefits for you and your family.

Thermostat Control

Every month, the electric bill comes in and you are amazed that you spent that much on electricity. With energy management, a home automation feature, you can adjust/monitor your thermostat from where ever you are which will allow you to better manage your temperature controls and lower your energy bill. If your quick trip to run errands ends up with an unexpected trip to the movies and dinner, you can quickly log into your home’s system and adjust the inside temperature, so your furnace or air conditioning is not running for hours with no one home.

Activity Notification

You can program your automated system to notify you any time there is activity on your alarm system. You can get a notification when your children arrive home from school or your house cleaner leaves early. If you need to talk to your children, you will not waste time on multiple phone calls, when they have not arrived home yet.


Are you out of town for the weekend and your neighbor is coming over to check on your cat? There is no need to give out a set of keys and the alarm code when you can unlock the door and turn off the alarm from your computer or smart phone remotely. You will not have to waste time dropping off and picking up a spare key with this feature. If your child is always losing house keys, this will save you the hassle of changing the locks every time they lose one.

Automation for your home is not just a fad and offers very real benefits for you and your family. At PASS Security, we want to help you make the most of technology while keeping your family safe.

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