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Features of Indoor Home Security Cameras

Security cameras play an important role in home security. Cameras can help identify a burglar and reduces time spent by investigators. Including indoor cameras in your home security system only increases the chance of catching intruders. If you’d like more information for a home security system that includes interior cameras contact PASS Security today for a quote. Learn about our home security systems. Learn about our business security systems for Greater St. Louis Area businesses. Contact our Customer Care Department today.

Indoor Camera Features

Field of View

Field of View is how wide an angle the camera can record. You want to have cameras with a wide field of view to lessen blind spots and the number of cameras needed. Several indoor cameras have a wide enough field of view to capture an entire room.

Pan Tilt and Zoom (PTZ)

PTZ cameras allow the camera to capture a wider area. This reduces the number of cameras needed to cover an area. Many PTZ cameras have a mobile app that controls its movements. You can set a sweeping pattern that constantly moves or set your own movement pattern for different times of day.


Refers to how detailed an image the camera produces. A higher resolution will usually give you a better more detailed image. However, there are a lot of factors that could affect the quality of the image. A good indoor camera will produce high quality images in all light situations and multiple distances from movement.


Many indoor security cameras have two-way audio capabilities that enable communication between the viewer and somebody near the camera. This option is useful on doorbell cameras and for parents who want to check in on their children at home.

Motion Detection

Motion detection security cameras are a must for all homes, indoors and outdoors. It tells the security camera when to record a video but can also send you an alert to let you know something is happening in view of the camera. This option can save money on data storage and gives that early warning that something unusual is happening in your home.


Wi-Fi wireless security cameras connect to your home internet system. These cameras are easier to install and harder to disable because there are no wires to cut. However, there can be video delays and disconnects. Also, if your home internet “goes out”, the cameras will not be accessible and might not record video.

Night Vision

Night vision is an option that can increase the image quality in low or no-light situations. This option is especially useful in storage areas, basements, even sheds and garages.

Smart Home Technology

Many indoor security cameras can be connected to your smart home. They have apps that can be added to your mobile device or can be connected to an existing smart home system.

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