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5 Tips How To Minimize St. Louis Business and Home Burglaries

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We see it all the time on the news and read about it on Facebook about another small business or home burglarized near our own home. But it isn’t the actual burglary that caught our attention, but the fact that the home or business had a working security alarm. We look over to the wall at our own burglar alarm keypad keypad and wonder: Am I next?

Business and home burglar intrusion alarms are essential in today’s high-crime climate with criminals taking more risks and acting bolder than ever. Burglars walking into people’s homes in the middle of the day to make a quick grab. St. Louis and Illinois business broken into repeatedly, over and over.

How to prevent burglaries at your business or home goes beyond installing a professional alarm system. It is strongly advised that you take additional measures to help prevent burglars from easily accessing your home and robbing you.

So, who do you turn to for advice about how to prevent home and business burglaries? Well, why not go to the source? Would believe the burglars themselves?

Five Security Tips for Protecting Your Business or Home From Burglaries

Below are five security steps shared by actual incarcerated burglars that you should take to help minimize your business or home becoming a victim of crime. For more ideas, visit our website at St. Louis security company.

Be Nosey and on Alert  

Is that a Burglar or an Innocent Stranger? Not all burglars carry guns openly or wear ski masks in public. Sometimes burglars often look like ordinary people delivering pizzas, painting houses or cleaning gutters. Maybe going door to door posing as a salesperson or taking a fake survey or poll. Look for unfamiliar cars or vans parked on your neighborhood street or outside your business. Or strangers walking through your neighborhood wearing backpacks. Keep in touch with your neighbors and fellow business owners and share any suspicious activities or people you’ve seen in the neighborhood. Keep in close communication with your local law enforcement. Criminals often steal on the spur of the moment, when a quick opportunity presents itself, but some thieves still take the methodical approach and “case” homes and businesses over a period of time to track the schedules of people coming and going so they know the best times to break into your home or business without complicating the situation with you being there.


If it’s raining or snowing and you’re using an umbrella, looking for your snow boots and carrying things at the same time, you might forget to arm the security system. Burglars walking a dog, carrying a clipboard and looking as if they’re searching for an address or working on a stopped car with the hood up notice these things and note them. While you’re gone, they only need less than ten minutes to rob you. PASS advises to keep your keypad away from windows and doors where it will be in plain sight. Arm the system before you open the door and then put on your boots, raise the umbrella and carry your things to your car.


Nothing deters a burglar more than a noisy dog barking or a loud TV or radio. These are signs that someone is home, awake and alert. Almost no burglar is deterred by a barking dog recording on a timer. It’s too obvious. Make sure there’s life around and make sure it’s loud.


Burglars love to scout neighborhoods and businesses at night. 7 The lights in the homes and offices highlight electronics, flat screen TVS and other small things burglars like to take. They look in as many windows as they can as they pass, so they can plan when, where and how to pull off the job. However, burglars often pass on homes and offices with security stickers on the windows and security company signs on the lawn or grounds of an office building. Many incarcerated burglars state that it’s just not worth the trouble defeating the system in the small time they have to work.


Homeowners and business owners shouldn’t mention they’re going on a vacation on Facebook or other social media. It is too simple to search for an address. If burglars find your Facebook page, they can steal your identity as well as rob your home and business. Burglars might try to cut your phone line to disable the security system. PASS Security offers cellular monitoring works off the cell network and does not need a phone line to work. If there is a short in the system, PASS Security will be notified immediately.

Thanks to the Internet, homeowners and business owners have access to how a burglar thinks. Now it’s a little easier to protect your home and business.

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