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Why is PASS Security contacting you?

Verizon & AT&T are in the process of discontinuing 3G wireless cellular services. This change is not just impacting PASS Security; It is impacting all alarm monitoring service providers nationwide.

What does this mean and how does it affect my system?

Like many cell phones, your alarm system needs to be upgraded from time to time to handle the faster speeds and newer technology released by cellular providers. If your security system is over 4 years old, it currently uses a 3G cellular communicator to notify our monitoring center in the event of an alarm. When the cellular companies disconnect the 3G services, there will be an interruption to our security monitoring service.

What are my options to avoid a service interruption?

OPTION 1:  Schedule a FREE System Evaluation & Pricing

Take just a minute to watch the informational videos below. If you’re interested in learning more about our advanced smartphone application, or adding any SMART products to your existing system, schedule your FREE system evaluation. This evaluation is FREE, and we are happy to meet with you over the phone, on a video call, or in person.

Advanced Smartphone Application

Technology Upgrade

Upgrading your existing security system to our 5G Alarm.com smartphone application is easier to use, results in faster dispatch times, and allows for additional SMART features to be added to your system.

  • Includes App Arm & Disarming
  • Includes Optional Arm & Disarm Notifications
  • Includes Communicator/Panel Upgrade

SMART Doorbell

Do More at the Front Door

Our SMART video doorbells provide you with peace of mind when you are unable to reach the door. You won’t miss an important package or an unexpected guest at your door!

  • Check on doorstep deliveries
  • See, hear, and speak to visitors
  • Watch live video feeds anywhere, anytime

SMART Cameras

Protect Your Home with Smarter Automation

Feel confident your home and family are safe and secure at all times.

  • Advance AI and computer vision
  • Categorizes vehicles, animals, and people
  • Pinpoints important activity

SMART Door Locks

Stay Connected to Your Property

Remotely lock or unlock your doors from your smartphone or tablet to secure your home or let visitors in when you’re not there.

  • For use on all standard exterior and interior doors
  • Available to configure with your home automation system*
  • Touchscreen enabled

Garage Door Control

Protect and Control Your Home

Do you ever leave the house and wonder if you closed the garage door? With Garage Door Control, there is no need to worry. Control your garage from wherever you are.

  • Close or open your garage from anywhere
  • Easy to set up on your smartphone
  • Includes Geo-Fencing

SMART Thermostat

Save Money and Energy

Control the temperature of your home no matter where you are. Enjoy personalized temperature schedules that match your lifestyle.

  • Get real-time alerts when the temperature changes at your home
  • Prevent other users from adjusting the thermostat

Lighting Automation

Manage Energy Cost & Keep Your Home Safe

Set up lighting schedules to reduce energy waste during the day when nobody is home, and ensure a bright welcome when you return.

  • Customized to fit your lifestyle
  • Set lighting schedules to reduce energy
  • Remotely control lighting with your smartphone

Communicator Replacement

If you’re not interested in the additional updated services listed above, please contact PASS Security to request an appointment with a technician to replace the cellular communicator in your system.Your monitoring services will not change, and you will not be charged for any labor outside a nominal trip fee where applicable.

Replace Your Systems
Cellular Communicator

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