Fire/Carbon Monoxide/Water Detectors

Automated protection services from PASS Security are one of the smartest ways to avoid a disaster.

Fire detection solutions

Our top quality smoke detectors provide more security to you than your average store-bought smoke detectors. Our trained professionals will install state of the art equipment to cover every part of your home in the case of a fire. We understand the devastating impact a fire can have on your home and family and we can provide you with solutions to ensure your home and loved ones are protected 24 hours a day. We offer Central Station Monitoring or integrated solutions that work with your home’s current automation.

Carbon Monoxide detection monitoring services

Carbon Monoxide is an odorless gas that can be dangerous or even fatal if someone exposed to a high amount. PASS Security wants to keep you and your family safe, so we offer the highest quality carbon monoxide detectors that are installed by our certified technicians. We offer monitoring and home automation solutions for both new homes or current systems.

Flood and Water Protection

Water damage makes up the largest percentage of home insurance claims each year. Protect your home and its contents by having professionally installed water detection solutions added to your home.  We offer water and flood detection, low-temperature monitoring, and water shut off devices that add another layer of security to your home’s protection.

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