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You can start small.

Get a big operational impact, without a big commitment.

We offer a pilot program designed to provide a big operational impact on your city without a big commitment. With PASS Municipal OverSite™ you can start out small with a few locations, and gradually incorporate remote video monitoring and surveillance into your processes and operations. As your need grows the system grows with you.

Scale when you’re ready.

PASS Municipal OverSite™ isn’t a commodity or a one-size-fits-all approach to remote video monitoring and surveillance. If you choose a pilot program, it is tailored to meet your city’s needs, timeframe, and budget.

Start with a free trial.

See firsthand how Municipal OverSite can transform your city with zero cost, zero risks. Click here to learn more about our free trial offer.

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Have it your way.

Get a closer look at…anything you want.

Perhaps there’s an area where city assets are frequently damaged, or where crime is increasing. With Municipal OverSite, you can use remote cameras to gain insight regarding any aspect of your city, such as a busy intersection or a public park.

A foundation that’s designed to scale.

The pilot program isn’t a lite version — you’re creating the backbone of a system that can expand to incorporate as many buildings and locations as necessary.

A private wireless mesh network.

Municipal OverSite isn’t just cameras. It’s a tested, proven combination of hardware, software, and wireless networking that can transform your city. It includes a private wireless mesh network so you can share bandwidth, documents, and server access almost anywhere.

Seriously. You can try it for free.

Click here to learn more about our free trial offer.

Interested in a free trial?

We offer a free, no-obligation trial so you can see the power of Municipal OverSite.

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